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Thread: Swans move training base to Randwick Racecourse

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcs View Post
    Sounds like a good overall fit. Is there really that many people that drive to Randwick though that the parking loss will be really noticed, outside of the very big race days?
    Parking will still be allowed on most of our $2m oval and more likely Range-Rovers than Daihatsus at that. Terrible compromise but needs must.

    At least its size will help better prepare us for MCG games.

    Citidel Oval.jpg

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    Looking forward to some good Horse riding...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevoswan View Post
    That was Ramps....Mills tripped over his own feet!
    Nah Mills was on storm water drain. How he describes it seems an illogical placement. He's probably still covering to not get belted by Horse.

    “One of the boys threw me the ball and I didn’t see a storm water drain in the middle of the footpath and rolled my ankle and heard a pop and the rest is history.”

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