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Thread: Passing of a legend

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    Quote Originally Posted by 707 View Post
    Condolences MB, so glad that the boys could get up today for your Nan. She'll have been proud looking down on the G today.
    +1 Condolences MB for your loss, but so happy we got up for you Nan - who would no doubt be smiling somewhere up above at the efforts of her gutsy beloved Swannies.
    "You get the feeling that like Monty Python's Black Knight, the Swans would regard amputation as merely a flesh wound."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melbourne_Blood View Post
    Hey guys . Thought compelled to post this here, as I would never be on this this page, or a supporter or this great club , if not for this wonderful lady. Yesterday I farewelled my nan, who passed away on Tuesday at 89 years old. She grew up in south Melbourne right near the lake oval , and began attending swans games at age 6, from then on became hooked up on footy and more so the Swannies. She had 6 children , 18 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Apart from a small Minority, most of these people went on to be avid swans supporters also . Along with two of her great friends , they became celebrities when the swans played in the 2005 grand final , with channel 7 sending a reporter to film a segment to interview them , picking up theirs tickets , singing the song and eventually , with their fresh premiership tattoos ( a first tattoo for all in their 70’s!) she is a member of the ladies of the lake , and has her name on a plaque at the SCG as a long time member. This lady is why I support this club. Being a Melbourne Lad supporting a team based in Sydney , you get questioned a lot by your choice of club . However I know in my heart my choice of team is so deeply rooted in my heritage and part of my family , it is not a choice , it is a birthright . I just wanted you guys to know we lost a legend of our great club this week, a person responsible for a a good chunk of south Melbourne based Swans supporters to this day. May the bloods do her proud on Sunday.
    Thanks for sharing and my condolences to you and your family. My support of the Swans was similarly genetically and geographically predetermined .... I know and love the breed.
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    A couple of weeks ago in a local football game in the Ballarat area a young bloke die during the game.
    Out of respect for their team mate the club did their warm ups wearing Swans beanies as the young bloke was a Swans supporter.

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