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Thread: Things starting to fall our way?

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    Things starting to fall our way?

    Now I know its still early days but....I feel that the fact we have got our hard nosed key players back in the past few weeks has made an immediate difference to our team...McVeigh, Jack and Hanneberry have all played well the past 2 weeks and we seem harder in the contested ball. Also now our opponent for next week may be without their best player in Kelly, won't have shaw (who always plays well against us) deleidio, greene and a few others....whereas i thought we would be no hope 2 weeks ago, i now feel this is a genuine 50/50 game. Could it not be in the realms of possibility that we could potentially win against GWS and hawthorn...Which would put us 3rd or 4th and a double chance!! And could Reid play Neafl in round 23 and be right for a 1st final?

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    Reid surely won't be back this year - I just can't see it.

    I think we will win at least 1 of our last 2 to make finals. Beyond that, I still think we will just be making up the numbers, but the enormous heart shown the last 2 weeks has been a lot more like the Swans we all adore so very much. Some nice footy on show today, in particular during the 2nd and 3rd terms - when we take measured risks and attack the footy, we look such a better team then when we become overly defensive. Can't be too critical about the last quarter given we were well down on rotations, but I do love it when we take the game on more.

    Who knows in footy - a week is a long time in footy (ask poor old AJ - from the highest of highs last week to such a low this week), but we aren't going to whimper out like the media said we would a week or 2 ago. We may still miss finals altogether, but I'm feeling more confident we will be there again, even if our run in them is brief.
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    You could be right. It's a massive effort to beat Melbourne. If our older players can hit form, the emergence of Allir, Hewett and ronke this year could make an awesome team.

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    I wouldn't be so sure we would just be making up the numbers - sure our GC game was unforgivable however we were within a kick at 3/4 time against tigers, cats and bombers so our form hasn't been as bad as whats fans or the media have been banging on with. Aside from tigers at the MCG, or a full strength GWS - there should be no one that we fear. And the last 2 premierships have been won by teams just peaking at the right time

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    Never know why fans call an early end to the season.
    All you really need to do is make the finals.
    If we are able to do so in good form, we're in with a chance.
    Of the 5 teams above us we've beaten them all this year (west Coast twice) except Richmond, who didn't exactly pump us by 26 points.

    I don't care if we finish 8th.
    In it to win it.
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