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Thread: Team of century

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    Team of century

    Now 2018 finished and its almost 20 yrs since its selection I thought we might like to review changes to I.
    I will start by saying Adam G, Micky O and Lance Franklin would now be selected and although he has lapsed in form over the last couple of years Hanners would be close.
    The outs I would make are D Cresswell, M Bayes, and maybe Mark Tandy
    Hanners at his best would probably replace Murphy.
    Any thoughts

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    I've been a Bloods man since 1961 and I rank Daryn Cresswell as one of the best Swans players I've ever seen. Not quite at the same level as Skilton or Kelly but not very far behind and he could produce in clutch situations. Thoroughly deserved his spot in the TOC! Mark Bayes was fantastic, too! I'm not quite old enough to remember Mark Tandy!

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    Interestingly, we're nearly 20% of the way in to the next century already.
    Time flies....
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