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Thread: 2018 NEAFL Grand Final

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    2018 NEAFL Grand Final

    I figured that the upcoming NEAFL Grand Final deserves a thread of its own. After all, it's not every year that a team reaches a grand final...OK, well, maybe it is in the case of the Swans' NEAFL side but that doesn't make it any less of an achievement. Ugg will, no doubt, provide us with team details once they become available, but I thought I'd kick things off with a link to this piece, from the NEAFL website, focussing on one of the academy players who has been an almost constant fixture in the side this year.

    Rogers’ football pedigree runs deep with family connection to Grand Final rivals

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    Really looking forward to this game.

    It's a chance to see our young and emerging players in a high intensity, meaningful game.

    I reckon you can get a much better feel about the true quality of player's , from how they perform in this sort of game.

    It should be a cracker, let's hope the officiating is of a high standard.
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    Sunday, September 14, 2018


    Southport Sharks v Sydney Swans at Fankhauser Reserve, 1pm
    *This match will be streamed live on NEAFL TV (
    *Live Champion Data statistics available on the Official NEAFL App


    B: 45. Ethan Reeves* 14. Brodie Murdoch 12. Rhys Clark
    HB: 15. Jordan Taylor 7. Ryan Davis 8. Seb Tape
    C: 34. Tyler Roos 5. Andrew Boston 32. Tom Wilkinson
    HF: 4. Michael Manteit 19. Josh Baxter 33. Matt Doran
    F: 46. Josh Hall 17. Mitch Johnson 21. Wade Hancock
    Foll: 23. Jed Turner 10. Josh Clayton 28. Rob Clements
    Inter: 16. Lee Dale 27. Jack O’Shea 6. Dylan Fyfe 3. Brenton Payne 26. Cody Filewood
    Emer: 39. Anthony Djurovitch 43. Jaicob Kenny 31. Brandon Chadwick
    In: 3. Brenton Payne
    Out: 13. Tom Ellard (injured)

    *Denotes 23rd player


    B: 51. Conor Flanagan 48. Kyle Veerhuis 53. Kyle McKellar
    HB: 33. Ryley Stoddart 21. Jack Maibaum 56. Joey Reinhard
    C: 52. Josh Stern 45. Angus Styles 1. James Rose
    HF: 41. Jake Brown 34. Jordan Dawson 50. Sam Wicks
    F: 55. Bailey Stewart 58. Mitchell Rogers 49. Cooper Kilpatrick
    Foll: 17. Darcy Cameron 32. James Bell 38. Colin O’Riordan
    Inter: 60. Hamish Ellem 47. Ky McGrath 59. Josh Rayner 54. Jeremy Schumack
    Emer: 57. Michael Carroll 19. Luke Parks 46. Dylan Smith
    In: 34. Jordan Dawson 54. Jeremy Shumack 59. Josh Rayner
    Out: 42. Robbie Fox (ineligible) 31. Harrison Marsh (ineligible)@ 16. Gary Rohan (ineligible)

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    9 listed players with Newman not playing despite being eligible.

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    Going to need a big performance from our listed players - Cameron and Rose in particular, to drive the side forward. Should be a good contest however.
    "You get the feeling that like Monty Python's Black Knight, the Swans would regard amputation as merely a flesh wound."

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    History of Swans NEAFL Grand Finals


    Brisbane 5.3 5.4 10.6 12.9 (81)
    Sydney 2.2 5.6 8.10 10.13 (73)

    With the senior team already eliminated, only 10 listed players flew up to Queensland for the last ever NEAFL Grand Final between the Northern Conference champions and the Eastern Conference champions. Despite big performances by Tim Membrey who kicked half of our goals, Tony Armstrong with 30 disposals and Jake Lloyd 26 disposals 13 tackles, it wasn't enough to beat the stronger Lions outfit.

    Notable players: Tim Membrey, Tony Armstrong, Dean Towers, Dan Robinson, Sam Naismith, Xavier Richards, Jake Lloyd


    Aspley 3.3 9.4 9.7 15.12 (102)
    Sydney 3.5 7.7 14.8 15.10 (100)

    Despite leading by 31 points going into the last quarter, the Swans couldn't hold off a fast finishing Aspley outfit backed by a parochial home crowd. Tom Mitchell and Ryan O'Keefe missed late shots at goal before a (really dubious) push in the back call against Xavier Richards resulted in an after-the-siren shot at goal for the dimunitive Daniel Smith. Despite the difficulty of the shot (near the left 50m arc) and the pressure of the situation, Smith duly converts to the delight of his teammates and fans. Tom Mitchell's 33 disposals 12 marks 11 clearances 1 goal effort earnt him the Andrew Ireland Medal for BOG.

    Notable players: Tim Membrey, Ryan O'Keefe, Tom Mitchell, Zak Jones, Toby Nankervis, Dean Towers, Dan Robinson, George Hewett, Harrison Marsh, Sam Naismith, Xavier Richards, Shane Biggs


    Sydney 5.4 6.9 8.10 11.12 (78)
    Giants 2.5 6.9 8.13 11.16 (82)

    In a closely fought contest (both sides had 17 listed players), unfortunately it was a dropped mark in the goalsquare by the retiring Ted Richards that proved the difference. Zak Jones was concussed by a vicious Jeremy Finlayson bump flying off the wing. Nic Newman replicated Tom Mitchell's 2014 effort by winning the Andrew Ireland Medal for the losing side - ending up with 35 disposals 6 marks 6 tackles 3 clearances and 2 goals

    Notable players: James Rose, Harry Cunningham, Zak Jones, Dean Towers, Ted Richards, Dan Robinson, Nic Newman, Jordan Dawson, Lewis Melican, Sam Murray


    Sydney 2.6 5.10 7.13 10.22 (82)
    Brisbane 2.2 6.7 11.9 12.13 (85)

    In a blockbuster grand final held as a curtain-closer after the Swans-Bombers AFL elimination final, the Swans were favourites with 21 listed players against the Lions' 17. The Lions kicked away to a handy 20 point lead by the last change, but in the end it was ultimately the Swans wasteful shots at goal, kicking 3.9 in the last quarter, that proved costly. Jordan Dawson was outstanding with 28 disposals 7 marks and 4 goals while Dan Robinson had 10 clearances to complement his 27 disposals.

    Notable players: James Rose, Alex Johnson, Kurt Tippett, Will Hayward, Jeremy Laidler, Ollie Florent, Ben Ronke, Dan Robinson, Harrison Marsh, Jordan Dawson, Aliir Aliir, Colin O'Riordan, Sam Murray

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    NEAFL 2018 Grand Final

    Southport Sharks v Sydney Swans Reserves @ Fankhauser Reserve

    Sunday 16th September
    Fankhauser Reserve

    Two teams who will be both striving for their first NEAFL flag. The Swans have failed agonisingly short in 4 of the previous 5 seasons, while it will be Southport's first NEAFL grand final. Under new coach and newly crowned NEAFL Coach of the Year Stephen Daniel, the Sharks have had an amazing turnaround this season, finishing as minor premiers after a disappointing 2nd last in 2017.

    The only H&A clash between the Swans and the Sharks came in Round 7, when Southport were on top on the ladder and the Swans had just managed their first win of the year in Round 6, after losing their first 4. The result was an unexpected 88 point victory to the Swans who showed no mercy in the last quarter kicking 10.3 to 1 behind.

    However, with some of our regular NEAFL strong performers in Robinson, Marsh, Towers, and Fox being unavailable due to not meeting eligibility criteria, do not expect a repeat of the Round 7 result.

    The Swans easily accounted for Canberra in Semi Final 1 out at Blacktown, while the Sharks endured heavy rain to triumph over their bogey side Aspley by 37 points.

    NEAFL Ladder
    3Sydney University181260015631399111.72%48
    8Gold Coast18711001079151871.08%28
    9NT Thunder18513001342191869.97%20

    Recent Form
    R2Brisbane LionsAwayLoss74124
    R4Gold Coast SunsAwayLoss4958
    R8Brisbane LionsAwayWin7054
    R9Sydney UniAwayWin9847
    R11Gold Coast SunsAwayWin10740
    R13Brisbane LionsHomeWin8051
    R15NT ThunderAwayWin12854
    R16Gold Coast SunsHomeLoss5376
    R18Brisbane LionsHomeLoss55116
    R21Gold Coast SunsHomeWin8230

    R4Sydney UniAwayLoss5588
    R6NT ThunderHomeWin174101
    R7Sydney SwansAwayLoss43131
    R9Gold Coast SunsAwayLoss7993
    R10Sydney UniHomeWin12313
    R13NT ThunderAwayWin10174
    R14Brisbane LionsHomeWin6058
    R16Sydney UniHomeLoss6579
    R20NT ThunderAwayWin13050

    Swans Reserves 4
    Southport 0

    The Swans may have won all 4 meetings, but have yet to play away against the Sharks.

    Past Meetings
    Round 7 @ Sydney Cricket Ground

    GoalsJ.Rose 4, J.Amartey 4, S.Wicks 2, N.Newman 2, N.Blakey 2, D.Cameron 2, M.Ling, J.Stern, J.Shumack, A.Aliir
    BestD.Cameron, N.Newman, D.Robinson, R.Fox, H.Marsh

    Round 2 @ Blacktown International Sports Park

    GoalsT.Pink 6, J.Rose 3, S.Murray 2, H.Cunningham 2, A.Kinasch, S.Fisher, S.Barkley, C.O'Riordan, S.Edwards, J.Stapleton, T.Leonardis
    BestB.Jack, S.Fisher, H.Cunningham, T.Pink, L.Melican, J.Rose

    Last game
    GoalsJ.Bell 3, D.Cameron 3, G.Rohan 3, S.Wicks 2, J.Rose 2, J.Stern, J.Brown, H.Ellem, J.Maibaum, R.Stoddart
    BestJ.Maibaum, J.Brown, J.Rose, H.Marsh, D.Cameron, K.Veerhuis

    GoalsC.Filewood 3, M.Johnson 3, J.Baxter, W.Hancock, J.Hall, R.Clements, J.Clayton
    BestM.Manteit, J.Turner, S.Tape, T.Roos, R.Davis, A.Boston

    Team List
    Listed players
    #NameGamesGoalsBest VotesMVP votesNotes
    1James ROSE12211819Splitting time between the midfield and forward.
    17Darcy CAMERON18266087Leads the Swans NEAFL goalkicking.
    21Jack MAIBAUM161230Kicked his first goal of the season last week with the aid of a 50m penalty.
    32James BELL111546Has hit the scoreboard in 8 of his past 9 games.
    33Ryley STODDART12530Playing as a high forward.
    34Jordan DAWSON681614His first NEAFL game since Round 16.
    38Colin O'RIORDAN1553539Backline role becomes even more important without Marsh beside him.
    41Jake BROWN167202Without Fox, he's likely to become the side's tagger for this game.
    45Angus STYLES17200Playing on the wing without having much impact.

    In: Dawson
    Out: Robbie FOX (ineligible), Harry MARSH (ineligible), Gary ROHAN (ineligible)

    Dawson will replace Fox in the midfield but the Swans will be down one listed player at either end due to Marsh and Rohan's ineligibility.

    Academy Players/Topups
    #NameGamesGoalsBest VotesMVP votesNotes
    47Ky McGRATH1000 
    48Kyle VEERHUIS8130 
    49Cooper KILPATRICK9500 
    50Sam WICKS121141 
    51Connor FLANAGAN13010 
    52Josh STERN111200 
    53Kyle McKELLAR7020 
    54Jeremy SHUMACK7300 
    55Bailey STEWART171269 
    56Joey REINHARD12200 
    58Mitchell ROGERS16330 
    59Josh RAYNER4200 
    60Hamish ELLEM3300 
    19Luke PARKS5000Emergency
    46Dylan SMITH8040Emergency
    57Michael CARROLL6000Emergency

    In: Rayner, Shumack

    The academy players have put in solid performances across the season and they'll need to put in another good effort for the Swans to get over the line. Veerhuis played well in a tallish defensive role last week and was named in the best.

    Wicks, Stern and Stewart have consistently hit the scoreboard as dangerous half-forwards. Reinhard and Rogers have also spent recent games up forward but have also been used in defensive roles.

    PlayerGamesAvg. Kicks
    Nic NEWMAN923.0
    Harrison MARSH720.9
    Dan ROBINSON720.4
    Colin O'RIODAN1517.9
    Heath GRUNDY217.0

    PlayerGamesAvg. Handballs
    Daniel ROBINSON716.9
    Robbie FOX712.1
    Dean TOWERS811.5
    Colin O'RIORDAN1511.2
    Nic NEWMAN99.8

    PlayerGamesAvg. Disposals
    Daniel ROBINSON737.3
    Nic NEWMAN932.8
    Colin O'RIORDAN1529.1
    Harrison MARSH728.4
    Robbie FOX726.6

    PlayerGamesAvg. Marks
    Colin O'RIORDAN158.6
    Darcy CAMERON188.5
    Heath GRUNDY28.5
    Daniel ROBINSON76.9
    Nic NEWMAN96.6

    PlayerGamesAvg. Tackles
    Ben RONKE29.0
    Jordan DAWSON68.8
    Kyle DUNKLEY17.0
    Nic NEWMAN96.3
    Robbie FOX75.9

    PlayerGamesAvg. Hitouts
    Jack BLAIR160.0
    Darcy CAMERON1838.6
    Joel AMARTEY166.6
    Zac CAMERON55.6
    Aliir ALIIR83.0

    PlayerGamesAvg. Clearances
    Daniel ROBINSON710.4
    Robbie FOX75.7
    Darcy CAMERON184.9
    Nic NEWMAN94.9
    Dean TOWERS84.9

    Inside 50s
    PlayerGamesAvg. Inside 50s
    Harrison MARSH76.6
    Daniel ROBINSON76.3
    Dean TOWERS86.0
    Nic NEWMAN95.8
    Ben RONKE25.0
    Adam TIPUNGWUTI25.0

    Rebound 50s
    PlayerGamesAvg. Rebound 50s
    Heath GRUNDY26.5
    Harrison MARSH75.6
    Colin O'RIORDAN155.1
    Nic NEWMAN94.3
    Lewis MELICAN13.0
    James WEBSTER13.0

    PlayerGamesTotal Goals
    Darcy CAMERON1826
    James ROSE1221
    Joel AMARTEY1615
    James BELL1115
    Josh STERN1112
    Bailey STEWART1712

    Best Votes
    PlayerGamesTotal Votes
    Darcy CAMERON1860
    Nic NEWMAN935
    Colin O'RIORDAN1535
    Harrison MARSH733
    Daniel ROBINSON730

    NEAFL MVP Votes
    PlayerGamesTotal Votes
    Darcy CAMERON1787
    Daniel ROBINSON749
    Nic NEWMAN947
    Colin O'RIORDAN1439
    Harrison MARSH624

    Southport Sharks
    B:45. Ethan REEVES14. Brodie MURDOCH12. Rhys CLARK
    HB:15. Jordan TAYLOR7. Ryan DAVIS8. Seb TAPE
    C:34. Tyler ROOS5. Andrew BOSTON32. Tom WILKINSON
    HF:4. Michael MANTEIT19. Josh BAXTER33. Matt DORAN
    F:46. Josh HALL17. Mitch JOHNSON21. Wade HANCOCK
    Foll:23. Jed TURNER10. Josh CLAYTON28. Rob CLEMENTS
    Int:16. Lee DALE27. Jack O'SHEA6. Dylan FYFE
     3. Brenton PAYNE26. Cody FILEWOOD 
    Emg:39. Anthony DJUROVITCH43. Jaicob KENNY31. Brandon CHADWICK

    In: Payne
    Out: Tom ELLARD (injured)

    The Sharks have one of the strongest midfields in the NEAFL, with former AFL listed players Josh Clayton (Lions), Andrew Boston (Suns), and Michael Manteit (Magpies) the 3 most prolific. Clayton and Boston finished 3rd and 5th respectively in the recently concluded NEAFL MVP award. Boston is 2nd in NEAFL clearances this year, just behind Aspley's Matthew Payne. Manteit is also a dangerous forward option, having kicked 19 goals this year.

    The defence is led by experienced bodies Ryan Davis (ex Eagles and Suns), Seb Tape (Suns) and Brodie Murdoch (Saints), while Tyler Roos has excelled as a floating option who can also set up play from their defensive 50.

    The Sharks have a small but effective forward line that thrives on pressure in the mould of the Richmond Tigers - Mitch Johnson, Wade Hancock, Tom Wilkinson, Josh Baxter and the aforementioned Manteit are all below 186cm but each averages over a goal a game. Johnson in particular has had an excellent debut season in the NEAFL, kicking 52 goals (from 16 games) to finish 2nd on the NEAFL goalkicking charts behind Redland's Matt Hammelmann. He missed the Round 7 clash through suspension, but before the Swans had realised this, one of the preview articles before that game stated that Maibaum was earmarked to be the man to mark him. With Josh Hall the only genuine tall forward in their lineup, Maibaum may indeed be the Swan that gets the crucial job on Johnson.

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    Really looking forward to the GF and I have a feeling that this year the Swannies will go all the way. We will see the cream come to the top with Cameron, COR, Dawson, Styles, Rose and Maibaum as well some of our best Academy boys play to bring the flag home after the last 4 years of close losses. I'm sure Cameron, COR, Dawson have something to prove to Horse and the other selectors that they should have been in the seniors more often and Styles will also bring pace and run and goals. Maibaum is the interesting one and see if he show us how he has grown in skill and confidence this season. Go Swannies, we have faith in you

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    Quite disappointing that Newman has elected not to play. Speaks volumes. I wonder if he knew AJ wasn’t getting a contract when he decided he wanted out :

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    Quote Originally Posted by goswannies View Post
    Quite disappointing that Newman has elected not to play. Speaks volumes. I wonder if he knew AJ wasn’t getting a contract when he decided he wanted out :
    Was it Newman’s decision not to play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markwebbos View Post
    Was it Newman’s decision not to play?
    Don’t know. But why wouldn’t you pick him?

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