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Thread: Proposed Rule Changes......warranted or complete BS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloods05 View Post
    Planes and boats and trains....
    Email. Skype. FaceTime. A letter. Phone call. 2 cans and a really long piece of tight string.

    You’re right. Not that hard to convey the information

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    I wonder whether the one-player-starts-in-the -goal-square rule mightn't see some tactical options. Buddy or Haywood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprite View Post
    The AFL send umpires around the clubs to train with and officiate in practice matches. They need to have match practice as well, it gives them an opportunity to trial the rules, explain how they are to be interpreted.
    That's great. Do we get as much time as those clubs who have umps located in same city?

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    That's great. Do we get as much time as those clubs who have umps located in same city?
    Really, the club should be flying a bunch of them up in conjunction with GWS to spend a week in Sydney going through everything that needs clarification.
    This is a better deal than the Vic clubs as they'd have them exclusively, complete attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    That's great. Do we get as much time as those clubs who have umps located in same city?
    Probably could if we wanted, yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottH View Post
    TOO MANY rule changes in one go, me thinks.

    How quickly will they be able to monitor the 6-6-6 rule?

    The hands in the back rule is still very open to interpretation.
    Will still see a lot of wrong decisions paid either way.
    easy to get around the 666 rule, if you want to stack your defense - you play the two players you want to drop back as wingers. If you look at the new rule , you are allowed to patrol the whole side of the square to start so you drop the winger to the back of the square and you get your half forward flankers to run come in to cover the opposition winger if that person doesn't go with your winger

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    Will Beelzebub appear in the goal square on the first incarnation of the 666 rule?
    He of cloven hoof.

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    This Richard Hinds article re: AFL's rule changing spot on.

    AFL's obsession with change blinds it to the consequences of endlessly tinkering with the game - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    These two sentences from said article just about sum it up:

    "This is the decision-making of a competition that worships at the altar of change so devoutly that it seems blind to consequences."

    and this:

    "The only thing we know for certain this season is that no matter how good the game is, it won't be good enough."

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    This is a really useful explainer about the impact of the new kick in and 6:6:6 rules, with examples using game footage from the JLT. They reckon the 666 will have less impact than most think and show an example of the Swans playing a +1 in defence despite the rules.

    AFL sides deal with new 6-6-6, kick-out and 50m penalty rules ahead of season opener - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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    Thanks Markw for posting the ABC article, very interesting.

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    One rule change I find counterintuitive to the philosophy of reducing stoppages and opening the game up is the new ruck interpretation. Ie . That a ruckman is no longer pinged for taking possession out of the air, gets tackled and is unable to get rid of it. It now just results in another ball up , where it used to be a free kick. Seems stupid .

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