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Thread: Spoiler Alert: Grand Final Football RECORD

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    Spoiler Alert: Grand Final Football RECORD

    Got my copy of the Grand Final Football RECORD for when I watch the game tomorrow (I do it every year).

    For those of you who like to open your copy and not have the content spoiled, stop reading now.

    For the rest, there is a bit of Swans stuff in it this year:

    pp 2-3 a Telstra ad featuring a couple of Swans supporters (just getting warmed up!)

    pp 22-24 Best images of 2018 features 3 photos of Swans players in action

    pp 74-78 a nice piece on some of the players in the 1918 South v Collingwood Grand Final

    pp 80 a brief piece on the celebrations after the 1933 Premiership

    pp 86-88 not strictly a Swans article, but a piece on our assistant coach Stevie J

    pp 90-93 part of an article about Premiership heros who also found fame outside football (in our case the Great Laurie Nash)

    pp 108-109 a two page spread on how each team rated for numerous Champion Data stats for 2018

    pp 116 not a Swans item, but ex-Swan Lewis Jetta’s profile (good luck to an ex-Swan)

    pp 152-3 not a Swans piece, but an article about a former Swan, Greg Williams, Norm Smith medal win with with Carlton

    pp 165 a page in the article about Brian Peake referring to the 2005 Swans Premiership

    pp 176 Buddy named in the “All-Country Team”

    pp 178-82 Swans mentioned in this article about mental health

    pp 194 Kurt Tippett and Shane Biggs are afterthoughts in the “Thanks for the Memories” tribute to retiring players

    pp 199-210 plenty of mentions in the 2018 Season Review section

    pp 229 page devoted to the Swans team list for 2018

    pp 238 Grand Final Honour Roll. Highlights for us are obviously 1909, 1918, 1933, 2005, 2012. 1899 (the 2nd VFL GF) was a 1 point loss, 1907 a 5 point GF loss, 1914 a 6 point loss, and of course 2006. Our Premiership ledger was a few kicks from looking far more respectable.

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    Titus is brilliant this week with his 'Grand Final Guide'.....including a hilarious summation of this seasons AFL/Victorian hypocrisy and stupidity, an oh so accurate review of the Seven commentary team and his GF prediction. Great read!

    A Highly Unhelpful Guide to the AFL Grand Final 2018 | Titus O'Reily

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