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Thread: 2019 ladder prediction for the swans

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    I agree on Naismith for I felt, even though Sinclair tried his hardest, gave his best and was very, very honest in his approach, last season we seemed to be on the backfoot in the ruck duels. Hopefully Naismith comes back 100%+ and Sinclair can be utilized as another forward option backing up as a relief ruckman.

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    I think the benefit of Naismith is more that he frees up Sinclair to play forward, which we need desperately when Reid is injured (ie. most of the time).

    I think the Swans have problems - our list is ok without being that great. Given how long we have been finishing close to the top of the ladder, this isn't surprising. Geelong and Hawthorn are going through much the same thing, for the same reasons. We have got a bit lucky with Heeney and Mills, but it just isn't enough (particularly when one of them is injured all year).

    While it's fun to get excited about players like Ronke, I think we need to be realistic. He had some good moments, but there were quite a few games where he seemed to contribute very little. He's young, but I'm not convinced that he contributed that much more than someone like Rohan. Perhaps the Buchanan comparison is apt - Buchanan was close to best on ground in 2005 GF, and was not playing seniors a couple of years later at age 26-7.

    Champion Data is not the only one who doesn't rate us. The squiggle has us finishing 16th, although I'm not sure that even its author really believes it. Here's my grading chart for 2019.

    1-4 Outstanding. Greatly exceeds expectations.
    5-8 Good. Keep up the good work.
    9-11 Satisfactory. Room for improvement
    12-18 Disappointing. Must work harder.

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    I find it difficult to predict how we'll go next year with any confidence.

    Melican and Reid are important players, structurally, and their return should improve us. I'm more positive about Naismith than some, recalling how his tap work contributed to our run to the GF in 2016.

    Having said that, I think our year will depend on the development of Heeney, Mills, Jones, and Florent. I think those guys, all first round picks, need to start making significant contributions in the midfield. Heeney took another step last year, but needs to develop again to near Parker levels.

    The new recruits are smart signings on paper, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if they make a substantive contribution.

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    West coast get back gaff and natanui. Going to be hard to beat that team.

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    Been mulling over the bottom end of the 2019 ladder, Carlton and Gold Coast had really bad injury lists this season and with a healthy list it would be expected both may climb off the bottom.

    I know, many will say I'm being optimistic about Gold Coast but they finally have state of the art off field facilities, stable administration, coaching staff starting with a clean sheet at last, cleared out all the malcontents and got a 2019 draw that doesn't kill them like last years Commonwealth Games schedule did.

    Carlton whilst awful this year have far too much talent to languish on the bottom another year, it must come together in 2019.

    So who is the likely spooner? Could it be St.Kilda? I'm hoping so as we are holding their second rounder and events of this year's draft showed that the first pick in the second round is highly sought after by other clubs so you can get well overs in pick trading or it can be used to great advantage by the club holding it as you have overnight to thoroughly reassess what players are still on the draft board and what your drafting strategy will be for day 2.

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    TAB have released their projected wins for every side in 2019. They’ve only given us 11.5 wins.

    Category: | Herald Sun

    TAB Over/Under: 11.5

    GAMES WON IN 2018 — 14

    Gilbert Gardiner says: UNDER

    It feels like every year we predict the demise of the Swans and end up with eggs on our collective faces but with Buddy Franklin and Josh Kennedy a year older and Hannebery out, it spells a tough campaign on the horizon. The Swans had the worst percentage of any team in the top eight last season … vulnerable.

    Chris Cavanagh says: UNDER

    Tipping the Swans to miss finals for the first time since 2009. Dan Hannebery gone and a host of ageing players whose best football is behind them.

    Liam Twomey says: OVER

    There were some serious warning signs for the Swans at the end of last season. From 10-3 they went 4-6 and limped into finals before getting belted by the Giants. But I’m not ready to give up on the Bloods culture yet. Win or lose, you’ve got to be on the over.

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    Gardiner and Cavanagh have not stopped to consider that we are now a better team without Hanners, who was a great player but had hit a wall, and I wish him well but wouldn't count on it.

    I also wonder whether they took into account that we have Menzel and a fit Reid who will make a marked difference about our forward play. For mine, Twomey makes more sense.
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimelb View Post
    and a fit Reid
    Would be a brave assumption
    The difference between insanity and genius is measured only in success.

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