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Thread: Shane Mumford

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    That thing was three years ago, and he was out for the year when it happened. He's an idiot, but you know he's probably
    not alone on that count. When you'd see him at the Spotless games wandering around the sidelines as ruck coach, he
    looked the same as when he played, and hadn't "filled out". Apparently Jake Carlisle was "suspended" by his new club
    for two or three games for doing the same thing. That sounds about right.

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    I should add from my previous post, that seeing ex-geelong Dawson Simpson doing well last year, kind of reminds me of how bad torture chambers must have been.
    I always though of simpson as a modern day chambers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Mummy coming back to play for GWS is quite amazing, but must be in the pipeline since they let Lobb go without much trouble.

    They looked good with Dawson Simpson last year, and I would assume he would be number 1 ruck. With Mummy as a backup. Cant see them both playing in the same side.
    I’m not convinced the second coming of Shane “cocaine” Mumford is going to be a success. I remember his form becoming extremely average in 2015 and from memory, this was before his injury. Next year he’ll be 4 years older.

    I hope he does play so Naismith has an opportunity to dish out some treatment to him.

    Mummy in full flight was really frightening.

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