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Thread: Pre-season 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markwebbos View Post
    So now they are saying Buddy won’t join full training until February!

    Franklin won't return to training until February: Swans Head of Football

    “We expect he’ll be back in training probably February at this stage with a view to having him ready for the start of the season.”
    Well, if we’re to believe Horse - & a fair number of gullible jurnos did - he only had to do have the first training session in Feb and he’ll have done more training than he did all last season

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    I did hear that SEN interview with Charlie Gardner earlier this evening. He didn't sound as polished as Harley, but that will come. Here were his main points:

    - As already highlighted above, Buddy not due to resume full training till late Jan/early Feb.

    - Menzel not due to resume till late Feb. Club is hoping his groin op will give him increased manoeuvrability and longevity, as they were aware of his groin issues when they signed him up.

    - Only a possibility (not definite) that Mills & Heeney will both play midfield next year. That decision will be made later in the pre-season. The club sees them playing various roles to further their development. They've both had strong pre-seasons thus far.

    - Sam Reid has also put in a strong pre-season and are hoping a full season from him to help Buddy in the forward line.

    - For the Swans to succeed next year the club will be relying on the young brigade coming through to take that next step.

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    I feel the interpretation of the Buddy situation (and whether it is "news" that he won't return to training until early February) depends on whether that means returning to "full training" (which generally means participating in all the match simulation and skills training that the squad does together), or returning to any training.

    It's pretty common for players returning from injury to spend a solid 3-4 week block (maybe less, maybe more, depending on the severity and nature of the injury) regaining fitness on their own or in small groups. From my observations of prior year pre-season training, there are usually as many as ten or so players not participating with the main squad, but instead running around the boundary line at varying degrees of intensity. Presumably these players also do other fitness/endurance related activities away from the training oval, in swimming pools, the dungeon or the gym.

    From the time his groin surgery was made public, we were led to believe that Franklin wouldn't do anything pre-Christmas, other than what he's got a lot of practice at recently - ie standing on the sidelines and watching. If he's back into some kind of running programme once the squad returns from its mandated three week Christmas break, that sounds to be like he's on schedule. On the other hand, if the latest reports indicate he won't start running until late Jan or early Feb, that is somewhat later than was previously indicated.

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    Looking at the recent pictures of Mills upper body I'd reckon that was a very intentional bulking up by the club whilst he was off his ankle with a view to moving him into the midfield in 2019, a changing of the guard season.

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