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Thread: Swans rewind - watching games of times past

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aprilbr View Post
    I tried to look beyond the result and the genesis of a good side that played off in the Grand Final just two years later. If you had told me that day that Plugger would go on to be a Swans all time great I would have thought you were being delusional.
    Agree, especially after the Caven incident. I hated Plugger after that game.....but like everyone else, loved him not too long later (after a very brief period of inner conflict).

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    I'm currently watching a replay game, Fitzroy vs Fremantle from 1996. Now that might not mean much to many but this is the last ever game won by Fitzroy.

    For those of us on here who are old South supporters there is probably some empathy there? Fitzroy were forcably sent off to Brisbane at the end of that season. The club was broke and had lost almost all of its stars. Plenty of young guys playing though who went onto be stars elsewhere afterwards.

    Hardly anyone was watching the game. Maybe 5000 to 10000 crowd. I think they played this game at the Western Oval. The Lions had no friends by this stage. As someone who now lives in Brunswick, I have a soft spot for this once proud and successful club. They were a powerhouse in the old VFL in its early days. Cheers to the old Fitzroy and South supporters.

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