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Thread: 60 Greatest Swans Marks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Fever View Post
    Mark Browning was a beautiful left foot kick as well.
    I consider Mark Browning as the benchmark of left footers. All others mentioned are beautiful kicks but Browning had huge distance, accuracy and bullet like trajectory over a long distance.

    I remember being at a State of Origin game (1978 I think) and because South games weren't much on free to air, not many in the crowd knew much about him. Whenever he delivered a booming kick along the members wing at the old Waverley ground the crowd were in awe at how far he could kick.

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    Watching the video reminded me how much I loved to watch the defensive marking in the old days, when exciting pack marks were just as common in defence as attack. Seeing the positional play and contested marking of Dunkley, Barry and Roos, or even Tilt and Moose before that, was every bit as enjoyable as cheering for Capper. I so hope that Aliir kicks on; he has all the skills needed to be a great defensive marker; he just needs to learn to read the play and back himself . . . . maybe in a couple of years . . . .

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