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Thread: 2019 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark26 View Post
    I can't remember if anyone has posted this article on Jordan Dawson. There is a lot of focus on resigning Jones (who I also think is a priority) but I'd like us to resign JD too. I liked his game against the Dees and think he should be on the park every week moving forward.
    From Discover on Google No longer all at sea, Dawson is finding his feet as a Swan
    Just catching up with my RWO reading, so only just saw this. Thanks for the heads up on an interesting article, Mark26. I agree with your conclusions: let's re-sign him, and keep him on the park.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Dawg View Post
    On a different tack, I've been thinking about what is Blakey's best position. It seems that the initial plan was to play him as a tall across half forward, a position where we do have some options, albeit not firing lately. Watching him play in the NEAFL, he was used on ball and in the midfield. He showed an excellent turn of speed, good foot and hand skills and was hard at the ball. Should we be playing him there at AFL level with an eye to the future? It would get him more involved then in our forward 50, especially as the ball is not getting there anyway. I know there are arguments against playing a youngster in the midfield, due to conditioning and size but other clubs are doing it successfully (Walsh, Butters, Drew, Ross, Constable, Stack etc). Blakey could potentially be our version of the Bont.
    I wondered if they could use him in the ruck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markwebbos View Post
    I wondered if they could use him in the ruck
    The dogs have put Bont in there and Port have used Westhoff on occasion.

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