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Thread: 2019 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    Quote Originally Posted by liz View Post
    I reckon the signing of McLean is as much cover for the vacated Tippett spot as for Maibaum. The club possibly thought it was already a little light on for ruck/forward options, and that's been made starker by the slower than expected recovery of Naismith and the knock that Cameron took to his knee in the GWS practice game, the severity of which we (outside the club) know little.
    Didn't we recruit Cameron when we knew that Tippett was finishing/finished? If it was to cover Tippett we should have brought in another ruck in the last two draft periods. Maybe it is more to do with the rule changes and us underestimating the importance of rucks under this rule at the last draft.

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    Reid can play back can he? I have yet to see any evidence of any success of that move. In fact the last time he played back for a whole match he cot 4 goals kicked on him.

    McCartin is still not developed to play back. Not strong enough against key forwards that Grundy has to play on.

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    Reidy okay as a KPD. He's been a swingman ever since I can remember.

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    It's been typical that we've given our KPP draftees some time a both ends of the ground to help diversify their games and see where they are best suited. Maibaum had played some time forward as a junior and we tried him forward a few games, but he didn't do very well, so settled on being a defender.

    Toby Pink has played forward, back and in the ruck as a junior. He probably won't make the grade anyway, but if he he does, I think his best chance is as a defender.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Amartey given some time as a defender this year. I think he can be come a true versatile utility KPP.

    McCartin and Blakey are both well suited to playing forward, which could close the door on some of those other potential forwards, like Amartey, and now McLean, unless they can handle playing as a KPD and ruckman.

    I'm hoping that Amartey will turn into a Justin Westoff type who can turn up and play any part of the ground.

    With key forwards seemingly getting taller with every new draft, we could use a taller type of key defender.

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    I've had a couple of thoughts about recruitment: I found myself reflecting on something I read about our recruitment of JPK a little while ago - actually I just found the article, here it is: What emerges from this article is that it was actually JPK's agent, Paul Connors, who put JPK on our radar when he answered Andrew Ireland's question about who was the best player on his (i.e. Connors') list who wasn't getting a game.

    This leads me to think:

    * agents have some (no doubt variable and not unlimited) influence in where their players go

    * players that one thinks might be off limits/out of reach, may not be.

    This year we seem to have some money to spend and, in my opinion, our priority is probably to get another elite midfielder the right age (depending of course on how our season plays out and how the likes of Heeney, Mills, Florent, Papley, Clarke et. al. do with more midfield time). Who might we be able to get? Jack Macrae? Brad Crouch? I wonder how much time our recruiters are thinking about this and what answers they are coming up with....

    The Bulldogs have a really strong midfield group and don't seem to be an entirely happy club. They also have a fair bit of money tied up with Tom Boyd and, to a much lesser extent, Josh Schache. Can we target one of their mids? If we have to trade, what do we have to give? This is the advantage of getting a free agent but Stephen Coniglio is the only really exciting one. Melbourne have an amazing list and may not be able to continue to afford everyone. I seem to have a bit of time to speculate this afternoon....

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