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Thread: 2019 Swans academy and U18 discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcs View Post
    The zones continue to expand by the sounds of it...
    The issue shouldn’t be that the WA/SA zones expanded the issue should be that the Vic metro zones should have contracted. With the same rules applying to Melbourne metro zones, no access until after pick 40. E.g Essendon shouldn’t be able to pick up Chris Johnson’s son via the bidding system until after pick 40.

    And that North Melbourne still have full access to the remote area of Launceston. Unlike Fremantles zone of Bunbury which is the same size as Launceston.

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    Another article In Regards to drafting academy players

    IMO the AFL administrators again have shown how inept they are at understanding how clubs will get around this loophole. It’ll just go back to clubs doing the first part of this type of deal in the two week trade period before draft night.

    Then the second part on draft night via live trading.

    E.g next year Sydney trade out first pick for a future first rounder in the two week trade period then match Gulden’s bid with later picks then trade back into the first round via live trading after obtaining Gulden using that future first.

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    Under 16 RAMs completed their National Championship campaign last week with wins over NT and Tasmania to win the Div2 title. First time since 2014 that NSW/ACT has won the Div 2 title.

    Considering that both QLD and NT utilise up to four u17s in their teams , the undefeated series win was very good.

    The win over Tassy on Saturday was particularly impressive with the Rams absolutely smashing Tasmania early. Half time score was 53-3 with final score 75-34.

    MVP for Rams was Kai Watts from the Giants but some very good efforts from the Swans Academy boys. Swans mentioned on AFL draft central scouting notes over the two games last week were : McKenzie (twice) , Alker, Olgilvy, Edwards, Ball, Middleton, Endemann, Rogers.

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    Thanks for the update Mr Magoo.

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