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Thread: Injury Reports

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    Injury Reports

    I've been frustrated by the Swans' injury reports for quite a while.
    Vague, incomplete, even sometimes inaccurate.
    There's a school of thought that too much info for other clubs somehow disadvantages us, but not too many 'miracle cure' selections pop up.
    So I checked a few other leagues handling of this.
    Take a look at how the New York Yankees, a multi gazillion dollar team, handle injury info to their fans.

    A look at the Yankees' injury timetables | New York Yankees

    Imagine that!

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    I think in a contact sport it may well be disadvantageous to provide that level of info on injuries.

    The crucial piece of info that most supporters crave of clubs is an accurate timeline for a player's return. I'm not wildly envious of the info that Yankees supporters receive in this regard.

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    Pretty interesting, thanks royboy42. But the big question is what is Tommy John surgery? According to google it's something about grafting to replace elbow ligaments. I guess that's more of a thing for pitchers in baseball than for footy players.

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    No mention of Reid on the AFL website injury list

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