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Thread: #AFL Round 12 weekly discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meg View Post
    There are four categories for classifying impact: low, medium, high, severe.

    COR’s head was slammed into the ground, rendering him momentarily unconscious and needing to be helped from the ground in a dazed state, and then being ruled out for the rest of the match with concussion.

    That should be classified as high impact in my view - and Rioli should have got two matches not one.

    Seems to me that the AFL have gone soft on head-high contact at a time when we are learning more and more about the long-term health risk of concussion injury.
    Gone soft every week including Luke Parker against North.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Big Cat View Post
    He was the guy who said he had no qualms with indigenous players as long as they acted like white people. (Has anything changed??)
    That’s documented in

    The audience just guffawed .

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    Four Swans make this weeks 'team of the week'.....Buddy, Paps, Ramps and Lloyd. Amazing what a good win will do.....

    Team of the Week, R12: Who makes the cut? -

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