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Thread: Voting for @sydneyswans BoG #AFL Rd15 #AFLSwansSuns is open (link below)

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    Voting for @sydneyswans BoG #AFL Rd15 #AFLSwansSuns is open (link below)

    Captain, I am detecting large quantities of win in this sector

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    Haven't seen the game yet but just from the stats it looks like we should now persist with Rowbottom in the seniors, much better for his development.

    Dawson's signing is franked by what looks like a very good game, laser boot in action again.

    Rucks, can't risk injury to Reid or Aliir, need to bring in any ruck we can find against Essendon who are in a similar situation. Pisser that Cameron is injured.

    Seems like after half time, mids Hewitt, Heeney etc dug deep despite us losing the hit outs big time.

    Down to pick 8 in the ND☹️

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    Last chance to vote for your best players against the Suns.

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