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Thread: Changes for round 18 - Freo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Fever View Post
    Maybe Knoll is not up to it yet and would have embarrassed himself and the team.
    Yes, exactly.

    I just watched the NEAFL highlights from last week and you can see why McLean was picked: crashes the pack, can clunk a mark, competes. He'll provide a target forward, allowing Reid and Blakey more space on the lead and proving crumbling opportunities for Papley and Hayward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markwebbos View Post
    I’m hoping McLean is going to spend significant time in the ruck. But it’s unlikely.
    Really? I'm surprised at this view, I assumed he has been chosen as the #1 ruck.

    EDIT: Now see his stats, kinda assumed he was bigger than that. Also hadn't dawned on me that Sandi was in addition to rather than a replacement for Lobbe and Darcy. Though presumably in absence of Hogan one of those will be playing extensively forward. Certianly going to be the battle of contrasting styles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by longmile View Post
    Menzel should of come in for him.
    Hayward has been one of my faves the last 2 years but he's been appalling for the second half of this year, he needs to regain form and confidence
    Couldn't agree with this more. Will is desperately out of touch and to keep picking him seems cruel. Would have kept Jack myself.

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