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Thread: Changes For Round 22 v Demons

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    Totally mystified by that decision. Horse complains that we won zero hit-outs at the centre bounce against Ladhams and Ryder and then picks the same combination to take on arguably the best centre bounce ruckman in the comp.

    Jack's role presumably to walk up to Gawn before the bounce and knock him out?

    I can only assume they think we can concede the hit-outs and still win clearances and/or that playing Amartey / Knoll would have been even worse. How can we do worse than ZERO centre bounce hitouts?

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    Bewildering decision to bring Jack into side, if our aim is to encourage and test our young talent. Unless its his farewell game!! But no announcement by Jack on his retirement as yet. Maybe given Smith's announcement. Also agree regarding the ruck issue. Why not test Knoll out against Gawn. Running Amartey against Gawn might not be good for his confidence. Continuing his growth, another preseason, building up his body would be best. But Jack I am dumbfounded

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    I see that Amartey is in the emergencies, which might indicate that he's ahead of Knoll. Okay, we've seen McLean for a few weeks and we see what he can do at AFL level for now. Why not play Amartey just to see where he's at? Why not get the AFL shock factor out of the way in a game that means nothing? He'll be more prepared when the time comes in a game that does count.

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    Strange call from the MC.

    If we believe Horse when he says that the next 2 games will set up the 2020 season - I feel very concerned for all us Swans supporters.

    Picking Jack and have the same midfield as the last couple of weeks, plus loosing Jones (what is the injury ?) , the Dees will be laughing all the way to victory.

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    Longmire pointedly referred to Gawn when asked earlier in the week whether Knoll or Amartey would play. I wonder whether they wanted to avoid burning them against a dominant ruck in their first game. (Although, that was McLean's fate and will be again tomorrow.)

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    Mc Lean has woked his arse off for the last few weeks...he plays this week to gain some training from a quality ruckman..shpuld he be called on again in the future. What's the point of throwing a first gamer like Knoll or Armartey under a bus?

    Mc lean can only get better for tbe experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodspirit View Post
    Some people just don't know when their time has come and need to be told. I'm thinking of Brendon Goddard.
    I thought you were going to say AnnieH !!!

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    I reckon this will be Kieran's second last game. Hope he justifies his selection.

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    All very puzzling. I sincerely hope that Jones' injury is real and not a way of disguising a potential imminent departure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aprilbr View Post
    All very puzzling. I sincerely hope that Jones' injury is real and not a way of disguising a potential imminent departure.

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    The same thought occurred to me.

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    Swans website says Jones hurt his hamstring at training on Wednesday. I cannot fathom the decision to not play Knoll. McLean will be monstered by Gawn and we will be plying catch up footy yet again from the stoppages. Good luck to Jack on his second last AFL game. I am over it.

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    Clearly the MC suffers from RAS (Ruckman Aversion Syndrome) - a terrible condition that afflicts many short-arses
    Cox only got employed because he lied about his height
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    They distort peoples view of reality, cause people to say silly things and are often followed by a nasty hangover.

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