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Thread: Nick Smith retirement

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    Fabulous footballer, good bloke, and under rated by so many in the game. At his best in the top 2 or 3 lockdown small defenders in the game for a good part of a decade. Critical player in our 2012 flag too!

    Well done and bravo Nick on a fantastic career!

    The changing of the guard well and truly in full swing at the Swans now. Down to just 3 premiership players left from 2012. Just about time for a new generation of Premiership Swans to appear if you ask me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandrevan View Post
    Oh Nick Smith - I thought he might finish this year. What a great player he was (is). The embodiment of the bloods spirit. Certainly, not enough recognition from the Vic-centric AFL media.
    You ended up being right after all. I didn't see the Age but the Hun had an 85 word 4 paragraph snippet 7 pages in from the back was tiny.

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    I have been disappointed by the lack of recognition from other players too. There might be some but I have not seen any tweets or other social media acknowledging his career except from Swans fans and some media personalities (Adam Curley, Peter Ryan). Not called 'underrated' for nothing then. I'm not sure there was much in the Sydney media either. Still, I'm sure the respect is there for him: other AFL players undoubtedly recognise the worth of 200 games, a premiership, an AA selection. But it would have been nice to hear something a bit more personal from Cyril or Eddie or whoever.

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