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    Swans media

    Overall, we have commented many times in these pages how disappointing the efforts of the in-house Swans media team have been, especially during the pre-season period when nothing on the website was up to date. And this thread is a space where we will be able to update our complaints.

    But right now, credit where credit is due: I have found this latest package of feel-good footage documenting the farewells of McVeigh and Jack to be excellent Jack & McVeigh reflect on Round 23 - More of this sort of stuff please. Especially enjoyed their commentary by Macca and Kizza and revealing their inner worlds and what happened behind the scenes.

    This year, I also enjoyed the emergence of Shane Potter in preference to Zachary Gates and Loretta Johns (?) - his delivery seems a little more natural but still clear and easy to understand.

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    I forgot to add, and this was half the reason I posted, that actually the media I have most enjoyed has been by the players.

    I think it was after round 22 in Melbourne on the Friday night there was a fan day in Melbourne and there was a video released of James Rowbottom interviewing kids at the fan day - excellent! Better than most other interviewers manage and he seemed completely at ease. Now they've got an interview up on the Swans site by Laidler with McInerney - good to watch. Plus there is Cal Sinclair's podcast/interviews with the players. Bring on more of this is - it's the best they have to offer.

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    Here's the Rowbottom interviewing kids interview: Melbourne fans meet their Swans - I like the way he keeps the kids honest with a sense of humour and doesn't treat them too delicately.

    Here's Laidler & McInerney: NEAFL Review: Laidler and McInerney -

    And here's Conversations with Cal: Podcasts -

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