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Thread: Danny Frawley

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    Unpopular opinion, buy Fox footy is unwatchable at the moment. I am all for a showing of respect to spud and his family, but they just go on and on about it. Tone it down a bit please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Unpopular opinion, buy Fox footy is unwatchable at the moment. I am all for a showing of respect to spud and his family, but they just go on and on about it. Tone it down a bit please.
    I think it may be helpful to those who worked closely with him at Fox and knew him over many years as players. It's a huge shock to deal with and talking about it may assist them deal with their grief. We always have the option of not watching.
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    Workmates, especially, need to talk about it. We often spend so much more time with our workmates than we do with our own families. Sad, but true.
    My brother in law's workmates at his funeral were as upset as the family - men visibly crying their guts out.
    They are still receiving weekly group counseling. His work have arranged to hold an annual memorial golf day in his honour to raise money and awareness for Movember.
    They also made a book for my sister and her sons where everyone who had a "work photo" of him added it and wrote a passage on how he affected their work/private life.
    We all mourn. When we mourn together, it helps the people who need to accept it the most.

    When someone in my Lebanese community dies, the whole village "pay respect" to the family in a hall the night before the funeral. Leb coffee and water is served, prayers are said, insense is burnt, a cup of tea and bikkies is served then all go home, to return the next day for the funeral, after which, a "mercy meal" (lunch) is served. I used to think what a bloody waste of time, but when they came to me, the support of the people at your weakest moment is monumental in helping with your grief.
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    I agree talking about it and showing support to the family are important, but after a time, that is best done privately.
    Is tv really the right media?

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    Apart from eulogies, I’m surmising that this is probably the first time Stevo, Ludwig and Annie have written these memoirs of tragic events in their own and their families lives.
    It’s extremely raw writing and reading.
    Can’t commend you all highly enough and hopefully it’s (possibly) a little bit cathartic.
    I joined a memoir writing group a fair while ago and out of the 16 participants, around half said they needed to relate and document a suicide in their family history that had affected them deeply.
    It appears Jason Dunstall and Gary Lyon are finding it almost impossible to deal with (in the media and even in consoling Danny’s family face to face - very difficult assignment) so they may be better using the written word.
    For Whateley to do that tribute so soon after the event was extraordinary.
    But kudos to Stevo, Luds and Annie.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandridge View Post
    Thank you for your courageous posts Stevo and Annie.

    I hope that, in some small way, the cameraderie of the RWO community is of some comfort to you and any other members who are faced with such confronting problems.
    And I'd like to add Dimelb, Ludwig and Moocher to that list of courageous people who've opened up about their personal experiences. Thank you all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Unpopular opinion, buy Fox footy is unwatchable at the moment. I am all for a showing of respect to spud and his family, but they just go on and on about it. Tone it down a bit please.
    Just turn it off barry. Plenty of other channels to choose from for a little while if necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieH View Post
    Thanks for having the guts to share Ludwig.
    You're a tops person. I love having you here.
    Don't leave me.
    Ludwig and I have become good friends in the past few years. I was heading to Chiang Mai for a holiday and sent him a PM to him to see if we could meet. He had in fact moved to Chiang Rai, about 4 hours north. I changed things up a bit and we met up. His partner Supha was wearing a Swans beanie at the bus stop so we would know who was who. Couldn't miss her walking across to the terminal. I have been back a number of times and we last met again in August this year in Chiang Mai for a few days. I also travelled to Sydney and met he and Supha for the Essendon game this year when they came to Oz. He reckons he turned our form around. What he told us above is a small part of a remarkable life. I am heading back there in January. You are right on the money Annie, he is a top bloke and a very good judge of a footballer, but then he should be because he watches all games and has a bit of spare time on his hands.

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    There is a lot of humanity in this room.
    I'm proud to be a member.

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    His wife has shown so much class in revealing that Spud was feeling so good he went off the meds and stopped getting support 6 months ago. This should be highlighted to everyone associated with mental illness and something i can't understand. My daughter has issues and knows that if she went off them her whole world will change. I am on meds for hypertension & cholesterol since i was 38 and will be for the rest of my life so why think you know better than the medical fraternity ?

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    Sorry, posted in the wrong spot

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    Heads up to Foxfooty for the tribute to Spud, he was certainly inimitable and the total life of the party as well as a fine footballer., colleague, Dad, husband, coach, teammate, friend, comedian and raconteur.

    I’ll miss him heaps.

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