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Thread: Pre-season 2020

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    Pre-season 2020

    When does our pre-season start? When do 1st to 4th year players return to training? (were 5th year players included too in our most recent pre-season?) And what about the rest? Normally 2 weeks later I think.

    This article tells us the senior players have gone on holidays already after having season exit interviews last year and that the NEAFL players are having their season reviews today and will be on holidays from tomorrow: Swans players begin break -

    Hopefully a calendar of key off-season dates (including the B&F and jumper presentation night etc) will be published soon if it hasn't already. If it has already been published, can someone please post a link?

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    Club Champion Dinner is 17 September. Info here: Sydney Swans Club Champion Dinner
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    I read an article on the swans app a couple of weeks ago that listed all the key dates including trade period, free agency, draft etc.

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