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Thread: #AFL Finals week 3 weekly discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloods05 View Post
    God had nothing to do with your refusal to engage. The devil made you do it.
    No, the Devil is in the detail.

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    Post moved to current weeks discussion thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    What a load of gibberish.

    Lets get a few things straight...
    The shallow culture I was referring to was as Professor Hickey mentioned of choosing a team because they are winning, on TV, or like their colours. As is common now in Victoria with the young (his words).
    I have also stated that Victorian's are welcome to keep that culture if thats what suits them. They may be sensitive types who dont like being called out on "shallow", but I'm sure they will get over it.
    What I find objectionable is some people trying to spread that (flawed) culture to NSW, QLD, WA and SA, which are entirely different environments (ie new teams being created in last 30 years).

    I might also add that the "Dont change teams" mentality is also fostered by the entrenched clubs because they have lost the natural ties of supporting based on locality. Without that local tie, supporters would be more fluid, and the big clubs dont want that.
    Maybe the Swans see Sydney a bit like that. I think AnnieH does.

    Lets move on to the concept of "Locality".
    Do you think GWS and Sydney are both local to all Sydney siders ?
    Or Do you think there is a line, where if you live in the Western suburbs your "local" side is GWS, and if you live in the eastern suburbs your "local" side is the Swans.
    I personally think the former, but I could see it moving to the later over time.
    A) Please don't bring me into this; and
    B) Please don't ever presume to know any reasoning behind what I think, say, feel or do. You will be way off every single time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcs View Post
    I miss the good old days where all certain posters could forever harp on about was how good the Members seats were at his favourite ground....
    Seriously, my seats at my favourite ground, the SCG, are the absolute BEST.
    Wild speculation, unsubstantiated rumours, silly jokes and opposition delight in another's failures is what makes an internet forum fun.
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones who let in the light.

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