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Thread: Tiger V Giant$ Who are you supporting on GF day, and reasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Industrial Fan View Post
    Deja your second point is why I’m reluctant to barrack for Gws - no doubt there will be retribution against the Giants (which will likely be ham fisted and extend to the swans) if they have the temerity to win a flag against one of the Victorian stalwarts.
    Sad state of affairs when Northern clubs are scared of the repercussions of actually succeeding.

    Even the perception that they might succeed is enough sometimes:
    eg. Swans recruit Buddy => Trade ban, and COLA removed. Buddy hasnt won us a flag, last count.
    or Someone says Giants will win next 5 flags => AFL Prematurely reduced their salary cap, causing mayhem with existing contracts => offloading big names for the last couple of years. Giants hadnt won a grand final, last count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor J. View Post
    So its down to Tigers V Giants.

    I can't bring myself to support the Giants, yes I know it would be good for AFL in NSW and all that but this is a club competition and the Giants Club is what I don't like.


    I do believe it will be a boring GF, Richmond by about 15 goals.
    In the words of Maxwell Smart, "missed it by that much Chief"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor J. View Post
    In the words of Maxwell Smart, "missed it by that much Chief"
    Wow! You nailed it. Good call.

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    Win/win/win - GWS put back in their box, some Melbourne club won and it was such a boring game that we all retired to the BBQ early for some great conversations.

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