I logged in to the webinar, looks like there was a glitch in the first couple of minutes as video wasn't available.

Webinar went for planned 30 minutes with the Q&A format moderated by Shane (who is he?) reading the questions from his laptop screen and Tom answering them.

Overall a bit underwhelming, main reasons -

1. 30 minutes was too short, especially with Shane taking too much screen time for his introduction, his own questions and then chat throughout. Shane was too dominant in this Q&A that was supposed to be for the members

2. There was absolutely no visibility of the questions people asked in advance or during the webinar. I would've liked to see what others are asking and which questions were picked for answering

3. There was an impression that really "curly" questions were left out by Shane. Maybe next time Tom should be able to choose the questions himself?

4. There was no indication how many people joined the webinar - would've been interesting to know in real time

5. My questions (and probably questions of many others) were left unanswered. I am perfectly fine that time was limited, however, as we took our time to post the questions, there should've been a follow-up from the member services. Also, there was no follow-up satisfaction survey for them to collect the feedback

Overall, Tom didn't try to avoid the questions asked, this webinar format is potentially very promising, just needs tweaking