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Thread: Best 22 for 2020

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    Paps & Heeney removed from the leadership group

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    Quote Originally Posted by goswannies View Post
    Paps & Heeney removed from the leadership group
    It's player Paps out was a no brainer. Heeney on the other hand....that is a little hmmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevoswan View Post
    It's player Paps out was a no brainer. Heeney on the other hand....that is a little hmmm.
    Club decided to reduce the leadership group from 8 to just five so there was going to be casualties even with the retirees moving out.

    It's the three co-captains, Buddy and Mills were top of the voting obviously although we won't ever know if anyone ruled themselves out.

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    Just for interest I put the date of birth for the "Best 22" from a recent post.

    Buddy 1987 30-Jan
    Kennedy 1988 20-Jun
    Rampe 1990 2-Jun
    Reid 1991 27-Dec
    Parker 1992 25-Oct
    Sam Gray 1992 1-Feb
    LLoyd 1993 20-Sep
    Cunningham 1993 6-Dec
    Aliir 1994 15-Sep
    Hewett 1995 29-Dec
    Heeney 1996 9-Apr
    Papley 1996 13-Jul
    Mills 1997 2-Apr
    Dawson 1997 9-Apr
    Florent 1998 22-Jul
    Hayward 1998 26-Oct
    McCartin 1999 30-Dec
    Blakey 2000 27-Feb
    Rowbottom 2000 19-Sep

    Lewis Taylor if he gets fit 1995 17-Feb

    plus we need at least one ruck
    (Sinclair 1989 23-Sep
    /Naismith), 1992 16-Jul

    plus another KPD
    (Melican 1996 4-Nov
    /Brand) =22 1994 8-Apr

    COR I really rate and see him best 22 at some stage this year, 1995 12-Oct

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    i went back and watched the richmond swans game 2019 at the MCG

    quiet day today with family all overseas or away or working

    funny enough it was a relaxing read a book, exercise, eat some seafood/salad and watch some footy...... perfect kind a day

    so first qtr was tight against the tigers

    2nd qtr Jones made 3 turnovers in 5mins which lead to 3 turnovers and 3 forward 50 entries by richmond and as richmond do x 2 goals

    we lost by 3 goals

    i wanted to watch closely how Richmond pressure, set up defensively, create turnovers, counter attack, then flood in numbers forward.........their main difference for me is their ability to flood forward in numbers via handballs once they cause the turnover..........they dont pull the trigger on the kick to early......they are patient for the right option but keep it alive via handballs so they dont have to mark and stop

    we held our own for good parts of the game......but the patch where Jones made 3 turnovers in a row in the 2nd qtr gave richmond the fuel to keep pressuring in numbers and not back off


    i suspect we will see better forward entries with the likes of Taylor, Gray and maybe Stephens in 2020
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    Interesting thoughts there AG.

    Jonesy was a bit of a teaser, varying between hard nut goal kicker and klutzish runner who either thought he could outrun the opposition or didn't get a "hot" call from his mates - or perhaps did, but didn't hear it or perhaps believe it.

    In the end I don't regret losing him after seeing what some of our youngsters are producing.
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    I'm predicting that Jones will have a good season for the Saints. He was pretty good for us last season when fit. He is now coming into his prime. Sadly, we did not get much in return for him. Problem when they're coming out of contract.

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    ps noticed nannygate is the third best clearance player at the tigers and as mentioned before, the tiges are well down the list on clearances

    it is almost like the way the tigers play nanny in the initial ruck...... is to re-set the clearance away from the original contest by him following up so quickly while the other ruckman is getting to his feet

    A little like how AA did for us......chasing after his own hit out or spoil.

    nanny aint that quick..... but he is there before the other ruckman to create a tackle or a almost appears pre meditated to negate the dominance of a bigger taller better tap ruckman

    simple but seriously effective
    "be tough, only when it gets tough"

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