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Aaron has hit the nail on the head

It’s a myth that Naismith is as somehow the reason we made the gf in 2016.

People conveniently forget that Buddy kicked 81 goals that year

A ruckman that averages 8 possessions and less than 2 marks a game isn’t up to it

Injuries have clearly hampered Sam throughout his career, but he turns 28 this year and I don’t hold out much hope for him as our saviour
Have to agree, Naismith was serviceable but Hardly ever did anything that stood out in a game. Nankervis arguably showed better glimpses than Naismith in the games he got in 2016.

Not to say Naismith might not develop into a good ruckman but I think he’s a got fair bit to prove before unseating Sinclair. If your going to play as a low possession , low marking, minimal physical presence , rarely scoring , pure tap ruckman , you want to be dishing it up like Gawn or Nic Nat. I don’t recall ever saying much tap wizardry from Sam , but my memory may be failing me as he hasn’t played in that bloody long !

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