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Thread: #AFL General Pre Season Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevoswan View Post
    Oh dear! Brad Scott appointed AFL's "competition evolution manager"......

    Former Roos coach takes on new role at AFL HQ

    "While assessing game trends with various stakeholders including players, coaches and analysts, Scott will also work closely with the Competition Committee.

    Scott will also play a major role in decision-making around rules, regulations and growth of all AFL competitions."

    The tinkering with our game will go on forever!
    The top level of Australian rules is so screwed it requires a bit more than tinkering.

    All you ever hear at the top level of the game is pressure, pressure and more pressure.

    Well I’ve got some news for the AFL. No1 goes to the game saying “geez wonder how many pressure acts we’ll get today” or “I hope our forward press works well”.

    Whether people want it admit it or not the game has and always will be built around scoring. And until the game is taken back to that you will find more and more people walking away from the top level of Australian rules football.

    Evolution manager......pfft rubber stamp to tell everyone how great the AFL is.

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    grundy signs on at Pies
    "be tough, only when it gets tough"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auntie.Gerald View Post
    grundy signs on at Pies
    Hmmm I wonder what trading ban will be handed down as a result of such a long contract?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auntie.Gerald View Post
    grundy signs on at Pies
    Very similar to the Swans deal for Buddy (other than Grundy already being there).

    Like us, they are offering a long contract to keep(get) him, but know their premiership window is only open for a few years, until his salary starts to bite into recruiting, retention and depth and they slip down the ladder like us in later years.

    Still worth the risk. If they lost him, they wouldnt make the 8.

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