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Thread: 2020 NEAFL discussion thread

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    Its a strange draw, only seven home games in total for Sydney (all Blacktown except one TBC) but 11 away games? (five in Queensland, five at other venues in Sydney, one in the ACT) plus the three byes. Meanwhile GWS get 10 home games and only eight road trips (five in QLD, two ACT & one in Sydney)?
    Both games for Sydney against Sydney Uni are away games, so maybe we gave them the extra game so we could play closer to the SCG.

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    Thanks Ugg. I saw the download and it just would not work properly on my phone.

    Annoyed that they insist we play at Black town. It is the pits to get to and impossible if fans want to watch both games on the same day. Why can't we play at Henson? That is a good venue. It has a grandstand, broadcast box, coaches boxes and benches. So they cannot complain about that one.

    Pity about NT Thunder. The matches up there were full of great atmosphere. Maybe Cyril and his family can help resurrect them. A match with all the Riolis, Longs & co I would think would attract just a few people as a fund raiser.

    I am a little peeved at the NEAFL. I know our position with the building of the new Bum Sniffer Stadium is difficult. But putting our boys out at Backward Park in the middle of the industrial zone is just not on. This place is about as attractive to visit as a cane cutter's hut in Townsville. Hopefully someone in the office, now in Queensland of course, will realise how dreadfully they have tested our poor boys exposing the to all that dreadful pollution. Mind you they Mich be taking in great lung fulls of smoke during preseason.

    I sincerely hope every person is safe and well. I am incredibly saddened and upset at the deaths when most of this would have been avoided if governments were no corrupt and derrelect. Sad really. Please stay safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by ugg View Post
    Draw is out
    2020 Toyota NEAFL Premiership Season Fixture Released | NEWS | NEAFL

    Beware: the link in that page purporting to be a PDF document of the draw is actually a huge image of the draw

    With the demise of the NT Thunder, there are now 9 teams and now 5 finals spots (down from 6). Somehow this has turned into a 4 week finals series instead of the 3 weeks that has been running for a few years now.

    From a Swans point of view, no curtain raisers again I assume to protect the SCG pitch while the SFS is still being rebuilt. However strangely after all the hoo-hah made about the redevelopment of Lakeside Oval, no games are scheduled there (there are 2 TBCs) and we are using Blacktown as our home ground again with 6 games scheduled there.

    Our trip to the NT of course is gone and is replaced by a second game against Sydney Uni.

    Swans draw
    R1 Gold Coast (Metricon)
    R2 Sydney Uni (TBC)
    R3 GIANTS (Blacktown)
    R4 Brisbane (Moreton Bay)
    R5 Bye
    R6 Canberra (Phillip Oval)
    R7 Gold Coast (Metricon)
    R8 Redland (Blacktown)
    R9 GIANTS (Giants Stadium)
    R10 Sydney Uni (Henson Park)
    R11 Bye
    R12 Brisbane (South Pine)
    R13 GIANTS (Giants Stadium)
    R14 Aspley (Blacktown)
    R15 Gold Coast (Blacktown)
    R16 Brisbane (Blacktown)
    R17 Giants (Giants Stadium)
    R18 Southport (Fankhauser Reserve)
    R19 Gold Coast (TBC)
    R20 Bye
    R21 Brisbane (Blacktown)

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