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Thread: 2020 NEAFL discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Magoo View Post
    Will be interesting with the few that stayed on - some will be there for the further experience and Im sure hoping for a promotion but the reality is that few players get taken from the 19s - Brown was the only one I can think of and he only lasted a year on the list.

    From a list management perspective, agree that Thorne is probably the pick of them but his chances will have been hurt by Gulden who is pretty much the same type of player but better. Unless they are looking for two small endurance midfielders he will find it difficult to be picked up by the swans.
    Plus Wicks who is now in his second year on the list as cat B rookie. He was an NDS player who was overlooked in the draft and never got selected for allies.

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    James Bell. Swans Academy product James Bell signed with the Swans in the 2017 Rookie Draft and fares as an exciting prospect this season. He is a speedy midfielder who will again be key to the Swans’ NEAFL side and should continue to come a long way in training alongside elite on-ballers Josh Kennedy and Dan Hannebery.

    I know these are only 2019 bio's but this has to be 2018 bio for Bell. We also still have Nick Smith on our list! Is it too hard for someone to proof read some of this rubbish they put up.

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    AFL club NEAFL lists announced | NEWS | NEAFL

    That is where I saw the listof names

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    Here's the list:

    Jackson Barling
    North Shore Bombers

    Nicholas Brewer
    North Shore Bombers

    Samuel Gaden
    UNSW Bulldogs

    Max Geddes
    UNSW Bulldogs

    Harry Maguire
    Pennant Hills

    Samuel Thorne
    UNSW Bulldogs

    Reed van Huisstede

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugg View Post
    Practice game fixture is out

    2020 Toyota NEAFL Practice Match Schedule

    Saturday, March 14
    Sydney v Sydney Uni at Tramway Oval, 11am
    Aspley v Redland at Graham Rd, 1.30pm

    Saturday, March 21

    Canberra v Sydney at Alan Ray Oval, 11.30am
    Aspley v Southport at Graham Rd, 1.30pm
    Morningside (QAFL) v Brisbane at Jack Esplen Oval, 2pm
    Gold Coast v Redland at Metricon Stadium, 2.30pm
    GIANTS v Sydney Uni at Tom Wills Oval, 3pm

    Saturday, March 28

    Brisbane v Gold Coast at South Pine Sports Complex, 11am
    GIANTS v Sydney at Tom Wills Oval, 11am
    Does anyone know if the reserves practice match is on this week?

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    Should be interesting with the likes of george Hewitt and possibly sam reid lining up

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    I was told tonight that all Sydney Uni practice games this weekend are off

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    Can anyone confirm if the practice match is on, and if so, is there a live stream?

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