The Club's AGM is coming up Thursday 27 February 2020 5.30 pm at Moore Park HQ, Driver Avenue. Members welcome and can ask questions. (This includnes, and I think this may be limited to, members with full membership i.e. 11 home games - not just 3 or 5 game packages. Can anyone confirm?)

The Agenda will be

1.Chairman’s welcome and address to members
2. 2019 Annual Financial Report including the Directors’ Report and Auditor’s Report
3. Retirement and re-appointment of non-executive Directors
4. Football update
5. General
6. Close

I'm not sure that I will be able to make it. I would be interested for reports about how it goes. I'm sure at least a couple of you will attend. In particular of interest:

* Anything interesting in the finances? Any explanation of the loss over the last financial cycle? Just a consequence of some accounting practice or other, or actually meaningful? Related to costs with new Hall of Industries?

* Any changes in the Directors? Additions, departures, promotions, demotions? Are they all in attendance?

* Of course, most importantly, the football update

* also of particular interest: the Q&A.