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Thread: AGM Reminder

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    AGM Reminder

    The notice has fallen from the obvious places on the Swans' website and you have to go looking for it, so I thought I'd post a reminder that the Swans' AGM is tomorrow at 5.30pm.

    AGM notice

    I've been for the last few years and will almost certainly go along tomorrow. It's worth it for anyone who can make the time. The official parts of the meeting aren't especially interesting, but nor do they last for long. Once those are over, they close the formal meeting and then have a Q&A session. Longmire tends to talk in a bit more depth about the team, and sometimes about individual players, than you'll hear elsewhere. And Harley is similarly available for questions about the club more generally.

    (I am working on the assumption that Longmire will be in attendance tomorrow, rather than down in Melbourne putting his Allies team through a tough training session.)

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    Look forward to your report Liz, TIA

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