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Thread: Sticking strong as an AFL community

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    Sticking strong as an AFL community

    My 2 cents worth:

    When at home during this situation and watching TV, do something at every ad break and rotate the following as it is good for your physical health and mental health - for people like me who suffer from depression which I am unashamedly sharing.

    Ad break rotation:
    - hold a plank the entire ad break
    - push ups (set to your own limits and goals)
    - burpees until you pewk ans so can't wait for the ads to stop!
    - edge of a chair or coffee table to to do dips.

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    Some entertaining suggestions there.

    I totally agree with the main thrust - this time of isolation, sickness and job losses is creating a lot of fear and depression in the community. In some ways this concerns me more than the virus itself.
    Although we can't legally train together or play; please keep in touch with your team-mates and check in with them. It's OK not to be OK; don't be afraid to reach out to people at your club and in the footy community.

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