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Thread: Changes for Round 10 v Pies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Dawg View Post
    A couple of things:
    1) Seeing him in the flesh (most recently for me was the WC game at Metricon) he doesn't seem that big. Kennedy, Darling and Waterman all looked alot more solid as does Rampe.
    2) Lately not playing to his size. Gets out muscled too easily. Overall movement seems impaired as well.
    Looked great when he first came in, to the point where I felt he was the obvious successor to Reg. Now not so sure. The injuries might have taken a permanent toll (hope not!).
    The point is he doesn’t lack for size. Whether he’s been playing that way is another story. The same way he doesn’t lack for speed, but has looked slow at time’s. I think a lot of can be put down to form and confidence. We know he is capable. He just hasn’t shown it much in recent seasons ( injuries have also played a big part ) .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Fever View Post
    Agree about Melican. When he first started, looked extremely promising. Has had a couple of bad injuries and has looked to have lost a yard of pace since then. Would be great if he got back to his best.
    A few years back he was looking like being a solid replacement for Reg but injuries have put a dampener on that :-(
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    That is a damn good post, M26.

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    My opinion is that he doesn't play like key back we hoped he would become. He may have height but not convincing defensively

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