Do we have one of these threads yet?

Despite the Dawson news, I'm feeling bullish, after those two prelims, that we can get into the top 4 next year, which is obviously where we need to be to have a realistic shot.

The regular season games against Geelong, Brisbane and Port will be critical and we can't afford to drop games against bottom 6 teams again.

Essendon and GWS will improve, but I think we should at least match them.

Big preseasons for Campbell, McDonald, Warner, and Stephens (who I really hope stays, particularly in light of the Dawson news). Can't wait to see Blakey let loose off half-back; his late injury was a massive blow.

Hopefully Mills can return to full fitness, in which case I'm confident he'll retain his elite form. Rowbottom will be better, too. Heeney should be hungry.

If we can't turn Dawson into a top ten pick, hopefully we can jag a ruckman or best 22 tall defender. Ladhams would be great. He would play with Hickey and avoid us having to faff around with the Reid/Amartey/McLean second ruck issue.