Interesting to read that the AFL is considering all Vic teams play each other in R1 next season. I assume then that all the non Vic teams will play in local derbies? This is an idea I've had for years now to enable all fans to go & watch their teams live in R1. I think this should be a seasonal R1 fixturing.

The AFL is considering us to play our first 2 rounds in Sydney so Buddy can kick his 1000th goal in front of home fans.

AFL fixture 2022: Round 1 fixture, five all-Victorian games to open season, Fixture whispers, release, date, latest news

My other fixturing ideas is for the first 17 rounds to be set, allowing each teams to play each other once. The remaining 5 rounds to be floating fixture and have formula based on ladder positions so that each team have same relative draw difficulty running into the finals. This provides a fairer fixturing equalibirium in determining final top 8 positions (and spoon).

I also would like to see the abolishment of the pre-finals bye and for a Super Saturday R22, to fixture as many games as possible on the Saturday (along with Thursday & Friday night games), avoiding Sunday games & giving finalists at least a 7 day break heading into the finals the following week.

If AFLPA are still persistent of having a mid season bye, maybe it could be slotted after R17 to allow fans (and teams) to make their travel plans for the remaining 5 floated rounds.