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Thread: Membership packages

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    Membership packages

    I discovered today the Swans don’t have a digital membership option with discount Kayo subscription like other clubs. Does anyone know about this?

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    Yeah I am surprised by this as well, my mate showed me the options the Blues fans have for memberships completely blew me away ! Think the swans need to lift their game in this area.

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    Mmmm - that’s surprising because overseas membership comes with discount to AFL Football Online | Watch AFL Overseas

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    Ludwig has an AFL international membership and gets every game plus the Foxtel shows. He will be in Vietnam early in the season and the most important thing on his mind is getting the footy. Talking to him last night, he said he will have to take his laptop, but he will get it by hook or by crook. He had better because I am meeting him there for a couple of weeks in late March. I have just dropped Foxtel and plan to get Kayo when I come back. Foxtel has become too expensive for me and I can't justify $102 a month and the price keeps going up.
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