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Thread: Match thread. Swans v Suns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder Shaker View Post
    1995 - Paul Kelly 21 votes.
    2003 - Adam Goodes 22 votes (3-way tie)
    2006 - Adam Goodes 26 votes.

    These are Sydney's last three medals, about one vote per round on average.

    Heeney probably has 12 votes or more after six rounds, about two votes per round on average. If he picks up only one vote on average for the rest of the season, he could finish on 29 votes or so.
    Last three winners received 31, 29 and 36 (without Gather Round for the 29 and 36 vote winners).

    29 will be in the ballpark, but there is a long way to go, eg form or injury.

    About 20 years ago, a shaven Dockers player (Kingsley or something?) had 12 votes after four-five rounds and was a dominant lead, and then I think he didn’t poll again for the rest of the season!
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