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Thread: Goodes a `weak' link

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    Goodes a `weak' link

    Goodes a `weak' link
    29 May 2004 Herald Sun
    Tim Morrissey

    WESTERN Bulldogs coach Peter Rohde says Adam Goodes, and his unstable right knee, could be the weak link in Sydney's backline tonight.

    Goodes ruptured his posterior cruciate ligament 15 days ago at the opening bounce of the game against West Coast.

    The Swans star made a remarkable recovery and played at centre half-back in the win over Hawthorn last weekend, but clearly wasn't at his athletic best.

    Rohde is hoping the Bulldogs can exploit Goodes.

    "(Goodes) is a very valuable player for the Swans, but even they would have to agree he's not quite 100 per cent and we can hopefully take advantage of that," Rohde said.

    "He is a very athletic player for his size, but early in the (Hawthorn) game I thought he looked like he lacked a little confidence.

    "I thought again very late in the match he also started to look a little bit sore.

    "He's had another week to recover, so that's going to be to his advantage, but that sort of injury isn't going to correct itself in one or two weeks."

    Rohde may have changed his opinion had he watched Goodes move with more confidence and speed at Swans training yesterday than he did a week earlier.

    Rohde said the Bulldogs (3-6) were overdue a change of fortune and, having won four of their past five matches at the SCG, he was confident the turnaround could begin tonight.

    "We've had a very consistent year in lots of ways. It's a funny thing to say when you've only won three games," Rohde said.

    "But we were within 10 points (of winning) in our first three games, we've won three of our last five, so our form has been pretty reasonable all the way through.

    "We need to put consecutive wins together. We had a win last week and we've targeted (the Swans game) as another one.

    "For us to move up the ladder we need to put two, three, four wins together at some stage, which is something we haven't done for 18 months."

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    I saw this and smiled.

    It's one thing to be aware that Goodes is hurt.

    Underestimating? That's another thing entirely. It's suicidal!
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    did anyone actually get a posession on him in the first half against hawthorn? Fair enough the toad got a couple of quickies late, but if rhode is counting on that then the gameplan is seriously flawed.
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    What would you expect of Morrisey. He had Fosdike in the best last week when he didn't get a kick in the fIrst half.

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    Re: Goodes a `weak' link

    Originally posted by Damien
    Rohde is hoping the Bulldogs can exploit Goodes.

    "But we were within 10 points (of winning) in our first three games, we've won three of our last five, so our form has been pretty reasonable all the way through.
    What Rohdie's forgotten is that the Swans have also lost a few close games this season.

    And according to the Herald-Sun match report, Goodes is starting to adapt to CHB:
    The Bulldogs shining light, Patrick Bowden, kicked three goals while Jade Rawlings was safely held by his opponent Adam Goodes.

    The Swans' Brownlow medalist revelled in his new role at centre half back, taking a creative roll in setting up Tadhg Kennelly and Leo Barry for the kind of run-out of defence that was a hallmark of the team's success last season.
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    Excellent coaching by Rohde.Describes Goodes as an injured weak link then puts a player(Rawlings) up forward who is even more injured.

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