2004 07 29 - Bronwyn Evans - Off The Field - Fans Night and Member-Get-Member Function

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Fans Night and Member-Get-Member Function

DATE: 07/29/2004

For the last couple of years, the Swans have run a Fans Training Night. They've also done a function for those members who recruited more than a couple of adult members .....

Driving home from the SCG tonight, I had the radio on and on 2UE they were talking about sporting heroes and whether the reality lives up to expectations. So what's a girl to do but respond! So I sat on the line for 15 minutes, listening to a couple of Aussie girls who were doing well in the golf, impatiently waiting to take the air.

"I'm just on my way back from the Swans night for the fans and the member-get-member function and wanted to say that the guys are unfailingly courteous, friendly and encouraging to fans." The 2UE blokes agreed that the Swans were very proactive in the Sydney market. So what about the night ....

First of all, three RWOers (including me) had responded to the Club's call on the Redbacks to help out on the night. Another Redback joined the team. We rocked into the foyer at 5pm on the dot, to be greeted by Belinda and Sue. Whilst waiting, Myles B-H wandered in and said hello. We then headed off to the back of the SCG, outside, behind the Cheer Squad bay where the Vili's Pie truck was set up.

There followed a frenzied pie loading session with Heath from Vili's. All in order, we headed off to the Cheer Squad Bay for a brief look at the training session. There had been a slight change to plans, and training was due to finish a little earlier than planned.

By 5pm we were back in our Pie Float, ready to dish up to the fans. The mob hit us and for a good 1/2 hour we were handing pies out willy nilly, and my fingertips were red from the hot pies and my fingers were white from the cold! (Obviously well planned!) Poor Celia on the drinks was dealing with the ice! I think I did well.

A few RWOers popped up to say hi, as did a number of Redbacks and various others. One of the things that I particularly enjoy is being part of the Club and knowing so many people. It makes it feel like a real community.

Our first "customers' were 4 guys. One was a Redback who came up from Melbourne for the event and had brought his two mates and a stray Canadian tourist - he was trying to get a peek into Fox Studios and had been told that there were free pies in the offing!

As the crowd died down, Andrew Schauble appeared and asked for a pie. After getting a commitment that it wasn't for him, I handed a couple over! However, this proved a fruitless exercise when the support staff turned up and ran off with plenty of pies for the rest of the players. Well I tried to keep them on the straight and narrow!

When the crowd had died down, we headed off to the MGM function. This was held in the old gym, just off the race. There were still a few hundred people in the stands as we wandered through, but they were watching what seemed to be a couple of school boys (or reps) teams hitting out. Inside the old gym, there were some big posters of Kel, Stewie, Cressa, Nicksy, Goodesy and Micky. This is where the players come after the game and sing the song, or you see them do the cool down.

There were maybe a couple of hundred people there and about ten players. We had a good chat with Amon, who dealt very nicely with some dill coming up and calling him Adam and insisting he sign a Schneiderman poster. She seemed not to understand when he politely said that she had the wrong player. When I introduced him as Amon, she rudely toddled on her way - the players do a might fine job of dealing with this stuff.

I chatted with Paul Bevan, who was critical of his play the last few weeks, but for a first year player, I think we should be enthusiastic about his game and his prospects.

Chatted with Nicksy, he's really enjoying his game and it shows.

Swannette gesticulated to Micky who dutifully trotted over to chat to "the girls". I figure he was being very generous when he said we didn't look a day over 27! This was in response to him saying he was old and my retort that he didn't know what old was.

Stewie said a few words, thanking everyone for their contribution in getting new members. The MGM campaign has been successful, generating over 1000 new members in the couple of years that it has been operating.

It all wrapped up just after 7.30pm and I toddled off, happily musing on a big win on Saturday night and fantasising about a very happy saturday night on the last weekend in September - Bah Humbug to all your doomsayers! No point having a team if you don't cheer for them, love them and believe in them!


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