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    Prescient blog post Scott. Bolton's been sensational this year. Must be a chance for the Skilton or even the TLM!

    I'm sure if he played cricket for Australia he'd be dropped. Too old and playing far too well.
  2. ScottH's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GongSwan
    absolute team player, hence no individual awards
    Very true mate!!!
  3. GongSwan's Avatar
    absolute team player, hence no individual awards
  4. ScottH's Avatar
    Thanks Al!!!
  5. Big Al's Avatar
    Brilliant write up Scott. Sums up B1 perfectly.

  6. ScottH's Avatar
    Done, thanks.

    PS: Hover over title, and a pencil will appear to the right of it. Click that and you're in edit mode.

    Thanks for the comment.
  7. Frog's Avatar
    He is 1 of 10 players from the 2008 National Draft still playing.
    You may want to change that to 1998 - unless I find the edit button first ...

    But good write-up ... I like B1.
  8. ScottH's Avatar
    There you go. After 2 rounds we've reached the average amount of Draws/year.

    Go Tiges!!!
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