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  1. All Davo Swans: the backs

    As we approach the end of the season it's time to start to reflect on who makes the All Davo Swans for 2010. We'll start with the backline.

    In any footy team the backs play an important role, their duties include;
    • Getting the footys back from the crowd and kicking them to the forwards- if they didn't do that the forwards wouldn't get as many opportunities to scan the crowd for ladies, this has ongoing implications for the rest of the game; how is a forward to know where to

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  2. All Davo Swans: an overview

    Sometimes it's important to stop what you're doing, take a moment to collect your thoughts and think "what would Davo do?". In this series, we'll apply that logic to team selection for the Swans; we'll look at the All Davo* Swans- a team made up of those players on the current Swans list that perform best in the IseeitbutIdontbelieveit rating: a rating obtained through the application of a scientific formula based on the criteria below.

    Skills: It is a widely known fact ...

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