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  1. All Davo Swans: the backs

    As we approach the end of the season it's time to start to reflect on who makes the All Davo Swans for 2010. We'll start with the backline.

    In any footy team the backs play an important role, their duties include;
    • Getting the footys back from the crowd and kicking them to the forwards- if they didn't do that the forwards wouldn't get as many opportunities to scan the crowd for ladies, this has ongoing implications for the rest of the game; how is a forward to know where to

    Updated 9th September 2010 at 09:57 AM by stellation

  2. Moooo

    Is there a special breed that's considered most desirable for the production of the ideal cow hide for use in a Sherrin?

    From a rugby background lewis has mainly played in defence for the swans with an impressive perfomance in the 05 grand final.
    Lewis also has a remarkable yet unfortunate record of being the most stats of turning the ball over and creating opposition score in the afl in the last decade.
    Oppostion teams are happy to leave LRT free when the Swans try get the ball out of defence as he becomes a clear liability acording to afl champion data.
    It appears very concerning to fellow players ...

    Updated 21st December 2010 at 02:19 AM by redhugh2525

  4. Out from under the BT Radar

    Watching Brian Taylor, my media nemesis, give a glowing endorsement to the Swans tonight on Fox AFL Teams made me feel uncomfortable.
    Why is that?

    I know what GoSwannie14 would say!

    I didn?t want to hear we were the most efficient team with our kicking or that our stoppages had dropped dramatically.

    What I wanted to hear from BT , Uncle Tony, Cranky Parko and the delightful Rohan Smith was that
    a) even though we?d traded a lot we hadn?t ...
    Sydney Swans , Seniors
  5. Cheating bloody Kiwis

    Too windy for the referral system - what a load of crap. If NZ does not have the technology available to keep a camera still upon a post then they do not deserve the right to host Test match cricket. You can be sure that if it was NZ asking for a referral, and the result was likely to go their way, there would be no problems. @@@@ing sheep @@@@ers.

    Updated 23rd March 2010 at 12:30 PM by ScottH

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