• AFL Round 21 ? Sydney v St Kilda: Half Time Hero

    AFL Round 21 ? Sydney v St Kilda: Half Time Hero

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    This rings true for Swans supporters these days. We truly are a fortunate bunch. The winds of change have swept through the Sydney Swans like never before, yet we still get to cheer more often than jeer. A generation of Bloods heroes are slowly, but surely, moving on to the next chapter of their lives. Chapters that don?t necessarily involve us, the supporters. The game has changed. The game has changed over the past decade like you wouldn?t believe. The 2005 Bloods were referred to as ?Ford Cortinas?. The dour, tough and uncompromising style of the Sydney Swans would become famous. The majority of the side were workman-like and honest. Nothing flashy. Nothing that any other team would aspire to be. It is for this very reason that members of that beloved side will always remain close to Swans supporters? hearts. Against the odds, backs to the wall?.all that stuff. Times have changed, the Swans have changed, and players have moved on, but that doesn?t make it any easier when one of the ?05 Bloods bids farewell.

    For me, today?s main event will arrive during the half-time interval. In what is no reflection at all on our current day Bloods, and their opposition today, the match is not what I?m most looking forward to. A true gentleman and a scholar, Lewis Roberts-Thomson will today bid adiue to the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Swans faithful. Every fan has their favourite players. Some to whom connections can be easily drawn, some because of their magical talents, and some because of their obvious love of their club. The man that my family, my mates and I have always affectionately labelled ?Two Dads? is a favourite of many a Bloods supporter. For varying reasons, the big blonde number thirty has always struck a chord with us. ?Cult status? is an honour not bestowed upon many. Today at around 3pm, the true Swans cult hero gets a chance to walk the hallowed turf for one last time as a Sydney Swan. The fans get a chance to share their gratitude in celebrating the fine career of a most loveable warrior.

    The Enemy arrive in old Sydney town having endured a bloody tough season. They are a team well and truly in the midst of a ?transition period?. Their elder champions are few these days, and a new breed is emerging. These are two teams at opposite ends of the current footy spectrum. Despite the predicted doom and gloom, the match begins in fine conditions. The ever-admirable Riewoldt fires The Enemy out of the blocks and the first goal belongs to them. This seems to spark the home team into action, however, and through the 200-gamer, Buddy, an equaliser is not far away. From that moment, the first quarter becomes a precession. The Swans are looking slick as their running game clicks into gear. An obvious focus on speed has enabled this team to attack with an edge that not many possess. Jetta, Cunningham, Rohan and Jack steam through the centre of the SCG to conjure goal-scoring chances for the forward line. We?re six goals up at the first break and this is looking ominous.

    The second term begins and it is clear that The Enemy have found some resolve. A two-goal-to-one quarter extends the lead marginally. The major concern being the apparent hammy that Joey has pinged. Please no, not J .Kennedy. With an element of worry surrounding our very own Brownlow favourite, a sentimental SCG prepares for the appearance of the man, who all have come to applaud. Our man, ?Two Dads?. I will never forget the skinny kid on debut, going for a gallop down the members side wing, scrubbing a worm-burner along the turf with his first kick in league footy. I instantly liked this kid. Over the ensuing years, through fabulous finals feats, he would be known to adoring fans as ?Mr. September?. On that glorious September day in 2005, LRT could easily have walked away from the ?G with a Norm Smith Medal to go with his cherished premiership medallion. On an equally glorious day in 2012, a fearless and combative Lewis Roberts-Thomson, led the way as the Bloods claimed another flag. As memorable as these performances were it was, in fact, the little things that captivated. Perennially underrated by the football public, his teammates? love for their uncomplicated, reliable friend was obvious. So was the crowd?s indisputable love for a man who continually gave his all for the Red and the White. As the great man walked his final lap, memories of a true legend came flooding back. Times have changed at the SCG, but we still bloody love you, ?Two Dads?. Always will.

    The match resumes and Buddy is enjoying his 200th footy match. The winds of change have brought with them an absolute superstar that we are so very lucky to have on our team. I am sure I am not the only one who still has to pinch myself when I see him lighting up the SCG?.for us! The Enemy are not blessed with a tall defence and the Swans dominate up forward, thanks to a superb effort through the midfield from McVeigh, Jack, Parker, Hannebery and Lloyd. Buddy finishes the term with eight on the board and Tippo is starting to chime in with a few of his own. The final stanza is more of the same. As a collective, we have farewelled a club champion. Equally, through today?s performance, we have welcomed the next generation. Gary Rohan has found his place. He is the unbackable favourite to take the now vacant mantle as our ?Cult Hero?. With performances like this, he may already be there. Lloyd, Biggs, Cunningham and Towers provide a glimpse of what is to come. We truly are a fortunate bunch.

    As Buddy falls just short of the magical ten-goal mark, a feat not achieved at the Swans since the great Plugger, the siren sounds and we are victors to the tune of seventy-one points. The obligatory footage of the team belting out my favourite tune, brings with it a most pleasant surprise. Arm in arm, today?s Bloods are joined by yesterday?s hero. Cheer, cheer one last time, Lewis Roberts-Thomson.

    Sydney 19.13 (127)

    St Kilda 8.8 (56)


    Sydney: Franklin, Parker, Jack, McVeigh, Rohan, Lloyd, Richards, Biggs

    St Kilda: Riewoldt, Steven, Ray, Armitage, Schneider


    Sydney: Franklin 9, Tippett 3, Cunningham, Malceski, Lloyd, Jetta, McVeigh, Towers, Parker

    St Kilda: Riewoldt 3, Stanley 2, Gwilt, Armitage, Steven


    Farmer, Burgess, Bannister


    31, 361 at SCG


    3 - Buddy

    2 - Parker

    1 - McVeigh
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    1. RogueSwan's Avatar
      RogueSwan -
      Nice work Joe.
      It is weird that in your circle he was always "Two Dads", a term never used in the group of Swans fans I converse with.
      For us it was always LRT, the Hyphen or the Soft Haired Viking . I am not sure of the origin of that last one.
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