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    Everything Old is New Again: Sydney Swans Season Preview 2015

    People often tell me that life is funny. Funny? The events of Saturday 27th September, 2014 were far from funny. In fact, they were as funny as the sparrows nesting in my roof all summer, perched directly above where I lay my weary head! Let me tell you, 3am chirping is not much fun, and neither is playing witness to your team's worst performance in many a year.....On the biggest day of the year.

    However, as the new footy season approaches, battered pride begins to heal. Lost faith is restored, and those bloody sparrows have finally pissed off. It is with this renewed sense of positivity, that I take to the first tentative steps towards lighting that light I thought could not be relit.

    From the despair of Grand Final defeat, comes renewed focus. The Sydney Swans (and all Bloods supporters) have spent a long, lonely summer asking questions which cannot be answered. Including why is Shane Watson still batting first drop for Australia? Nonetheless, unlike Shane, the Swans are consistently high achievers, bringing untold joy to us all with red and white (our colours, not the blood cells) flowing through our veins. We trust in a rapturous response.

    2014 was far from doom and gloom for the Swans. Let us evaluate the numbers:

    1st - AFL Regular Season

    Record membership numbers

    Record level of corporate sponsorship

    Record merchandise sales

    Record average home crowds

    143 Pet Memberships (crucial to the success of any AFL club)

    So, this is a call to all of you who barrack for the Bloods, dust off the scarves and wipe away the tears, because despondency does not live here. In a little over six-weeks time, we'll be cheer, cheering the Red and the White once again. About bloody time!

    What's new?

    For the first time in the club's history, we have drafted three kids from the Swans' Academy. You may have heard about this. It may have been mentioned once or twice. Ignore the external griping, as it will only infuriate in it's precocity to 'dumb-down' the general public. The three boys are:

    Isaac Heeney - surfie from Newy. Has confessed that he would never have continued with his footy career if not for The Academy. Highly rated midfielder. Looks a good'un.

    Abiana Davis - local Maroubra boy. No, not 'bra boy', just a boy from Maroubra. Tall, athletic key position prospect.

    Jack Hiscox - Running machine from the Glebe Greyhounds. No live baiting involved here.


    Sean McLaren - Sandringham Dragons - Tall defender

    Nic Newman - Frankston - reigning Fothergill - Round medallist

    Lewis Melican - Geelong Flacons - Tall defender

    Jordan Foote - Sydney Swans Academy - midfielder

    The AFL's preposterous draft sanctions imposed on the club DURING last year's trade period. A despicable example of legislation 'on the run' providing further evidence of an organisation which is unduly influenced by those who scream the loudest. The 'you can't have everyone' rule is as well justified as the decision to award Prince Phillip with an Australian knighthood.

    Tom Harley of Geelong fame has joined as the General Manager of Football, bringing with him an impressive CV, and instantly changing my perception of him as a person. It's funny how that happens. Well, life is funny, remember?

    What's Old?

    Eddie McGuire: End of story.

    The Buddy Hype: He's met Plugger. He's one of us. We're used to it now.

    Sparrows in your roof. It sucks.

    What's stayed the same?

    The Sydney Swans. That showing on the last day in September will prove to be an aberration. An abnormality. This is a club which will harness the disappointment to bring further success. Believe in your club, Swannies as last year was only the beginning for this exciting group of Red & White warriors.

    Hawks fans. Strident in support of their club, and rightfully so. It's been an agonising five months of constant debasement from this lot. All in good spirits though, I'd be engaging in the same if the shoe were on the other foot. Rematch?

    Goodesy. This man is a living legend.

    What will never happen again?

    A grand Final performance like we saw in 2014. Mark my words.


    Premiers. Completely unbiased of course. The Swans have the list and the coaching staff to again compete on the biggest stage. As discussed with my mate Kieran over a couple of pints at the Customs House Hotel, the team is rejuvenating every year, the game plan has evolved and the despair will burn until that wrong is made right.

    And so, with my five-month football hiatus now over, I am approaching the new season with renewed vigour. All Swans supporters should. The membership sticker is on the car. There's no turning back from here. Wouldn't dream of it anyway. When you're emotionally invested in your footy club, you don't have a choice. Bring on 2015 and may memories of that inglorious late September day take flight. Take flight with the bloody sparrows.
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