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A not so Quick Draw

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How deflated do you feel after a draw?
After 2 hours the exhilaration is gone. Flat.
Yes we didn't lose, but maybe we really should have won, and not given up the lead. 2 points is better than 0 points, but not as good as 4.
What if we miss the top 4, or even a top 2 spot by 2 points?
What if we miss the 8 by 2 points? Well it could be a positive and the 2 points get us over the other team.

Personally, I felt relieved that we hadn't lost, the Demons came hard in the last quarter and almost snatched victory, but this raises the question of Extra Time?

  • It would ensure a result. Win/Loss, no draw,
  • Makes ladder positions simpler,
  • More game for your buck

  • more heart wrenching minutes for US,
  • Wear and Tear on the players,
  • Coaches hairlines
  • A chance it may still be tied
  • Later game finishes, TV rights/timings etc

Many media personalities have had there say, some say get rid of it, some say leave it. We saw a few years ago, Collingwood and West Coast play extra time in a final. The players were exhausted, but desperate to win. Collingwood won it 3.2 to 0.2. Wer the West Coast player on there last legs? Possibly, but this was a finl, this needed to be resolved, and Extra Time was a necessity. Collingwood went on to lose to Geelong by 5 points. Maybe that Extra Time killed Collingwoods chances to beat the Cats.

In the Home and Away series it is advantageous to some teams, and disadvantageous to others, as shown in the table below.

"If results" shows where a team should have finished given a Win or loss. Only teams that had top8 or wooden spoon results are shown.
YeardrawsTeamPosif result
  Rich16th15th(blues 16th)
*Lions drew twice

There has been many more draws than I thought until I started to look.
In My Opinion, leave it as is. It's worked fine for 150 years, we don't need any more changes to the game.

Whats your opinion?

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Updated 30th March 2011 at 06:57 PM by ScottH

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  1. ScottH's Avatar
    There you go. After 2 rounds we've reached the average amount of Draws/year.

    Go Tiges!!!
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