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Lucky Knickers

Out from under the BT Radar

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Watching Brian Taylor, my media nemesis, give a glowing endorsement to the Swans tonight on Fox AFL Teams made me feel uncomfortable.
Why is that?

I know what GoSwannie14 would say!

I didn?t want to hear we were the most efficient team with our kicking or that our stoppages had dropped dramatically.

What I wanted to hear from BT , Uncle Tony, Cranky Parko and the delightful Rohan Smith was that
a) even though we?d traded a lot we hadn?t made the squad any younger
b) Mike Pyke can?t play
c) Paul Roos was a lazy unaccountable footballer
d) We tackle a lot and it?s boring

It started me thinking that there is something about feeling like we are flying under the media?s radar that gives me a sense of confidence.
I love secret Swans business.

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Sydney Swans , Seniors


  1. ScottH's Avatar
    Haha, well who's the sucker watching these shows!!!
    Ignorance is Bliss, or so they say LK.
  2. ShockOfHair's Avatar
    Not a test.

    I agree LK. I saw Mike Sheahan giving us a lot of love in his chat with Jon Ralph yesterday- partly so he could stick it to Ralph and others who'd written us off, but he's clearly a fan.

    It means when we play the Lions on Sat night THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING. So don't screw it up guys.
  3. stellation's Avatar
    I have to agree, it is pretty bloody uncomfortable!
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