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Thread: What happened to Kenelly and Swans in general?

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    What happened to Kenelly and Swans in general?

    Has Kenelly really done his hamstring??!!? or are they just saying that to cover up some other reason? he is one of our top 5 players! Id be gutted to hear he is going to be out for 4-5weeks

    Im a little on edge now about our club, you know.. speculation on the net that Roos is going to leave and will he still give a damn about the club from now on..?? Hall is out for a long time, Davis cant kick goals, Goodes broke up with his mrs and is in poor form, We let Geelong change gears in the last qtr.... We have got to Harden the @@@@ up and start playing REAL football like we did in 05/06...

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    Jeez, one loss and you get all morbid?

    Oh and Kennelly should be fine

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    Take away the last half of the last quarter and they played very well against the best team going around on their ground. Some good signs for the future in all of the youngsters. As well there is a long injury list. However I do hold your fears about Nick Davis.

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    kennelly probably went back to ireland
    Theres not much left to say

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